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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reality Television: Making the Dumb even Dumber

I guess I just don't understand reality television. It seems that reality television is most of what is on any given channel anymore. It is just unsettling to me. Complete no-name, talentless, immature, idiots that are competing against each other for some stupid prize. Even worse, it is propelling these morons into the celebrity lime light for absolutely no reason a la Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, who both, incidentally, also have there own stupid reality shows. No talent, yet getting paid all kinds of Jack.
One of my favorite reality shows to hate on is American Idol, or as I prefer, American Idiot. Again, we take three moron judges and a bunch of talentless competitors to produce the world's largest Karaoke Contest. Then, in exchange for your presentation of someone else's song you get degraded by some asshole Englishman. I am waiting for the day they have to bring their brothers and sisters to stand in the background and use tennis rackets like guitars to pretend they are a band. Maybe even sprinkle in a few hairbrushes for back up singers. I think the fact that David Cook calls himself an artist is embarrassing to Kansas City. Then again, I don't know how Dane Cook considers himself a comedian either.
Then there is that breed of reality shows that drive me nuts. The ones I really hate. The shows made popular by the Bachelor and dumbed down even more by the likes of VH-1. It is an easy recipe. Take a male or female that is marginally desirable. Add in a bunch of morally relaxed morons. Make the morons perform tasks in competition to see who eventually gets to marry/date the first individual. Nice. Hey Dad. How did you meet Mom? Well son, I won her on a t.v. show. Stay Classy.
In all fairness, I suppose some good has come of these shows. The problem is, most people glued to the weekly episode of "Who Wants to Win A Skank" don't have the intelligence to find the Discovery Channel. The Discovery Channel actually puts some decent quality programming on so far as reality television is concerned. First, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, which follows a talented chef and author as he travels the world learning about other countries cultures. Second, is Dhani Tackles the Globe, which follows an NFL player as he travels the world discovering other cultures, focusing on their sports. Lastly, Man vs. Food, which is maybe not as educational, but very entertaining.
Overall, I think there a few decent reality shows, but for the most part, we are allowing television to turn our minds to mush. Why are we propelling these idiots to superstar status for doing nothing more than showing up? Give me someone with talent, insight, and an interesting perspective and let them teach me something. That is television worth watching. These idiots they have on television now will end up no names given time. They are too stupid to be famous for long.


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