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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ollie Gates Complains to Mayor About Kansas City Police

Wednesday night Kansas City Police set a Command Center in the parking lot of a Gates Bar-B-Q on Emanuel Cleaver Blvd (I can't believe we named a street after him). Five blocks away, police were trying to get an armed suspect out of a house in the 4400 block of Wayne Ave (nice hood). For a couple of hours, Ollie claims, Police scared off customers and basically make a mess of his parking lot costing him $3300 in business in his estimation. He called Mayor Funkhouser who promptly came down to have a look, and probably a complimentary Mixed Plate. How cool would it be to make a call to the Mayor of a major City, probably on his cell phone, and have him rush down to your restaurant on a cold Wednesday night. That is how much influence Ollie Gates has in Kansas City. And rightly so, he has successful businesses in the inner city, something the City desperately needs more of.

Though the cops were doing their jobs, and I'm sure they never gave a thought to it, they could have found a better place to set up their command post. They were five blocks away form the scene, so it's not like they had to set up there, it could have been any number of parking lots of closed businesses. With the influence Ollie wields, I'm sure they won't set up in the Gates Parking Lot again.

In that neighborhood, no doubt business was lost. I'm sure a good percentage of the population down there wouldn't come within a half mile of a Police cruiser if they can help it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

KCMO Police Commanders and Chief in Hot Water Over Dinners

An investigation has revealed that some inappropriate charges were made to Kansas City Police Department credit cards for expensive dinners and alcoholic drinks. The charges in question were for dinners at the Capital Grille and included the Police Commanders and a lobbyist. One of the dinners also included Chief Jim Corwin. There were three meals in all at Capital Grille totaling almost $2000.

Chief Corwin says he takes responsibility for the inappropriate charges and that the Capital Grille was a poor choice of restaurant. The money for those meals will be reimbursed (because they were caught, of course). The Department policy against alcohol purchased at these dinners will be reviewed.

Really the problem here is how business in done in our political system. The Police Department was simply trying to schmooze lobbyists like everyone else does if you want to get anything done in Jefferson City. The amount of money spent to grease the wheels of democracy is stunning. This is really not a big deal, they got caught, reimbursed the money, and will be more careful in the future. The real damage is on a Public Relations front - it just looks bad to be spending taxpayer money on expensive meals and booze, but really we are all just jealous.


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