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Monday, December 27, 2010

Chiefs Pound Titans - AFC West Champs 2010

Merry Christmas Chiefs Fans. The Chiefs dismantled the Titans on Sunday 34-14 - and the Chargers choked at Cincinnati losing to an awful Bengals Football team. Your Chiefs are going to the NFL Playoffs after completing an unlikely two year turn around under Head Coach Todd Haley and General Manager Scott Pioli.

The offensive game plan was exceptional, and execution was spot on. The way we came out throwing was great. When the passing game is working (i.e. Receivers catching the ball), this team is unstoppable. It creates such a problem for the defense - who do you stop? The Chiefs scored on their first four possesions and had a 24-0 lead before the Titans scored on a long pass to Britt. A quick 3 and out by the Chiefs and for a second I was worried they might let Tennessee get back in this one. That's when rookie Safety Eric Berry intercepted an ill-conceived Kerry Collins pass and made an incredible run back to the endzone.

Defensively, the Titans never could get anything going. Our front seven played determined and I think the refs could have called holding or illegal block on just about every play for Tennessee. Our guys just manhandled them and the Titans line was having a tough time. Barring a couple of plays where they were out of position, our secondary played quite well. Remember, both of our Safeties are Rookies and they will only get better - the physical tools are obviously there.

Kansas City Chiefs, AFC West Champs - I like the sound of that. A home playoff game - that sounds nice, too. Now lets go beat the Raiders!


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