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Friday, January 7, 2011

Hand Washing Lessons at Arrowhead Stadium, Chiefs Sign Wide Receiver Curtis

There seems to be a flu-like illness making its way through the Chiefs locker room. Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe missed practice on Wednesday due to an illness (he was back on Thursday), and Guard Brian Waters missed practice Wednesday and Thursday (no word on availability for the game Sunday). This has the Chiefs coaching staff worried. A hand washing mini-seminar was given to the players this week. Soap and warm water, at least two minutes - "Kindergarten Rules" as Coach Todd Haley put it. Let's hope the new training keeps the Chiefs players healthy for the big Playoff game with Baltimore on Sunday - we need all the help we can get.

In other Chiefs news, Wide Receiver Kevin Curtis was signed by the team as a little help for a struggling Receiving corps. The Chiefs have had problems all season at receiver - after Bowe, the depth chart drops off considerably with a has been and a couple of never will Be's. Curtis had a great 2007 season with the Eagles, but has been plagued by injuries ever since - including a bout with Testicular cancer in 2010. Could be a long term solution at Receiver if he can return to his past abilities.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chiefs Titans AFC West Playoff Picture - Rich Gannon Tool

Chiefs PUNK Titans, and Rich Gannon is a TOOL
by Kansas City News

The Kansas City Chiefs took out the Tennessee Titans today effortlessly, the game was over by halftime and for some reason I thought that the Titans had a running back?  What was his name again?  Oh well, I can't remember.  The Chiefs took apart the Titans defense by finally throwing the football EARLY and often.  Jamaal Charles was electric as usual, catching two early touchdown passes from Matt Cassel.

Here at Kansas City News, we've been saying all year that the Chiefs need to throw the ball early in the game to get the defense off of our running game, and they must have read our blog as they finally did just that.

Tennessee Titan's receiver Kenny Britt made a hilarious attempt at "shushing" the Kansas City Chiefs home crowd when he made one pathetic touchdown catch.  This was hilarious.  Yeah, Britt, you really shushed us, since we were up 24 - 7 at that point.  Idiot.

On another note, we officially hate Rich Gannon and wonder why we always get stuck with him calling our games.  It's obvious that Rich Gannon HATES the Chiefs as he tries his best to play up the other team, and reluctantly gives the Chiefs credit when they succeed.  The Chiefs now control their destiny in the AFC West and hopefully the Chargers will choke today.  Kansas City News was first on the scene to report today's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tamba Hali Key to Chiefs' Success

Forget about the potent rushing attack from Jamal Charles, big play ability from Dexter McCluster or the occasional decent play from Matt Cassel. Tamba Hali is the most important piece to the forming Kansas City Chief playoff picture. The former first round pick is entering his fifth season, and after steady production in his first four years, the OLB/DE hybrid is ready to break out and become a star. He will need to, as a pass rush will be sorely needed for the Chiefs if they want to seriously contend for the AFC West title and make a run at the postseason.

Having a game-changing pass rusher is important for any team, and it can be the difference between a team going 7-9 and watching the postseason from home or making it into the NFL playoffs. Growing up in a Packer household, I remember watching Reggie White terrorize defenses during Green Bay’s Superbowl runs in 1996 and 1997. In the title game alone, White sacked Patriots QB Drew Bledsoe three times and was in the backfield all game, ultimately swaying the game. If Hali can step up in big moments and take down the quarterback – as he did against the 49ers on Sunday with three sacks and countless hurries – the Chiefs may be able to sway some big games in their favor.

Hali’s value isn’t only just bringing down the opposing QB for a loss. His presence helps the entire defense, most notably the secondary. With young cornerbacks and rookie safeties, it will be important for the Chiefs to not allow opposing QBs and WRs all day to operate. With a pass rush, playmakers like Brandon Flowers and Eric Berry can
make big plays in the secondary and not get burnt on deep routes. The Chiefs are extremely young on defense, and Hali’s presence can help mask that youth and avoid putting young players in difficult situations.

Tamba Hali will likely never be as dominant as Reggie White, or even as feared as today's star pass rushers like
Mario Williams.His presence is important for a young Chief defense that keeps improving every week., and his ability to pressure the QB could help the Chiefs win some more games. If Hali can build on what he has done already this season and continue to be a force, the Chiefs could find themselves playing in January.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Chiefs Beat Browns, Move to 2-0

No that title is not a misprint, the Kansas City Chiefs have opened the season 2-0. Kansas City won a close road contest against the Cleveland Browns to remain undefeated and on top of the AFC West standings. While not thoroughly convincing, a win is a win, and the team has already matched half of its win total from last season.

After finishing what was yet again a terrible preseason, many thought that the young Chiefs were still at least a year away from contention. However, the league's weakest schedule and a few signs of life from the running game and special teams turned some fans into believers. After the first two weeks, many are starting to wonder if Kansas City can make a push for the playoffs.

Now before Chief fans get too carried away, lets not forget that even really bad teams can jump out to fast starts (Tampa Bay, anyone?) and then cool off. The Chiefs offense is still held back from subpar play from Matt Cassel and not getting Jamaal Charles the ball enough (despite his eye-opening stats).

The Chiefs have made obvious improvements, but still have a long way to go. With an easy schedule and weak division, there is no reason why the team shouldn't at least contend for a playoff spot. At the very least, the team may still be in playoff contention after week 8, which is a big improvement from the past two seasons.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chiefs Beat Chargers

After a season filled with close (and not so close) loses, unanswered questions and a somewhat promising finish, the Kansas City Chiefs made starting out the 2010 season on the right foot a priority. The team did just that, upsetting AFC West juggernaut San Diego in the rain, 21-14.

The Chiefs hadn't won on opening day since this guy was in office, and more importantly, had lost to San Diego in its last five meetings. After falling to the Chargers by a combined 59 points last year, the Chiefs win was essential for the team to prove it will be, at the very least, no longer a guaranteed win for other teams around the league.

While the Chiefs played well, two aspects of the team are still troubling. First, the Chiefs continue to underuse Jamaal Charles. Despite showing his big-play ability time and time again, Charles continues to split carries with Thomas Jones. Jones is a steady, productive back, but Charles must be given more touches a game with his home run ability. Also troubling is the continued poor play from quarterback Matt Cassel. If the Chiefs are to make a push for the playoffs, it is important for Cassel to make plays and limit mistakes.

The good news for the Chiefs is the team is loaded with young playmakers to go along with Charles, most notably Dexter McCluster and Javier Arenas. Both have big-time return ability and have given the special teams a much needed boost. If the Chiefs can continue to run the ball effectively, find a few big plays from its special teams and Cassel can start playing like he gets paid to, a shot at the playoffs isn't out of Kansas City's reach.


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