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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kansas & Missouri Election Results

Election season is over, and we have the local results that matter to Kansas City residents. Below you will find a quick recap of who won the high-profile Missouri and Kansas races. Results below list the top two candidates in terms of votes received, with the percentage of total votes they received.

Missouri US Senator
Claire McCaskill (D) 55%
Todd Akin (R) 39%

Missouri Governor
Jay Nixon (D) 55%
Dave Spence (R) 43%

Missouri Lt. Governor
Peter Kinder (R) 49%
Susan Montee (D) 45%

Missouri Secretary of State
Jason Kander (D) 49%
Shane Schoeller (R) 48%

Missouri State Treasurer
Clint Zweifel (D) 50%
Cole McNary (R) 46%

Missouri Attorney General
Chris Koster (D) 56%
Ed Martin (R) 41%

US House – Missouri 5th District
Emanuel Cleaver II (D) 60%
Jacob Turk (R) 37%

US House – Missouri 6th District
Sam Graves (R) 65%
Kyle Yarber (D) 33%

US House – Missouri 4th District
Vicky Hartzler (R) 60%
Teresa Hensley (D) 35%

US House – Kansas 3rd District
Kevin Yoder (R) 69%
Joel Balam (L) 31%

US House – Kansas 2nd District
Lynn Jenkins (R) 57%
Tobias Schlingensiepen (D) 39%

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Claire McCaskill Denies Report of Pressuring DNC

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill is denying reports that she urged the Democratic National Committee not to hold their 2012 Convention in St Louis. New York Times Blogger Jeff Zeleny wrote Tuesday that McCaskill "took her concerns straight to the White House, according to party leaders familiar with the selection process." McCaskill reportedly had concerns that the convention would draw protesters and potentially "complicate" her re-election bid. Basically, she didn't want to be seen on the stage with Obama, who is not really highly regarded in Missouri. She also feared the Convention competing for fundraising dollars in the State.

The accusation that Senator McCaskill argued against a St Louis convention could be potentially damaging to her reputation in Missouri. These kind of events typically bring in MILLIONS of dollars, and I don't mean just a few, try a couple hundred, into the local economy. Also, her union friends might not be very appreciative seeing how Charlotte, the chosen sight for the 2012 convention, has no union hotels. The actions of the Senator will no doubt be seen as selfish to her constituency in Missouri.

On Wednesday, McCaskill told the Associated Press that the story was false. Mr Zeleny responded that his report "speaks for itself". Who to believe in this sordid mess? A lying politician, or a reporter for the most liberally biased newspaper in the country, that's a tough call. Personally I think her support of Obamacare and the so called stimulus package has her doomed anyway.


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