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Friday, June 3, 2011

More Problems for the Kansas City Catholic Church

Thursday night Bishop Finn of the Kansas City-St Joseph Diocese of the Catholic Church removed Father Michael Tierney from his position as pastor at Christ the King Church in Waldo. The Bishop cited allegations from Credible sources that Tierney was involved in sexual misconduct. The alleged misconduct occurred in the 70's and 80's. According to Finn, Father Tierney denies the allegations, but has been cooperating fully.

Tierney's "Pastor's page" has been removed from Christ the King's website, but according to a cached version, he has been at Christ the King since January of 2010. A Kansas City native, he attended St Peter's Elementary School, and bounced around from church to church in his priest career, all of which has been spent in the Kansas City-St Joseph Diocese.

All of this comes on the heels of Father Shawn Ratigan being charged with child pornography. Interestingly, Tierney spent 4 and a half years at St Patrick's Church in the Northland in the late 70's - the time of the alleged misconduct. This is the same church that Ratigan worked at when he was accused of child pornography. It seems the Kansas City-St Joseph Diocese has decided it's time to come clean with all the dirty priests now. I wonder how many more of these perverts the Bishop knows about.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kansas City Bishop Finn Says Mistakes Made in Ratigan Child Porn Case

The Bishop of the Kansas City-St Joseph Diocese admitted on Friday that he should have done more after learning about Father Shawn Ratigan's inappropriate behavior. Last week, Ratigan was charged with possession of Child Pornography.

Since the priest's arrest, new details have emerged that inappropriate conduct was noted more than a year ago by the principal of St Patrick's School in Kansas City, North of the river. In a letter to the diocese, the Principal noted that teachers and parents had some concerns about the Father being a little too touchy, feely with the children, as well as a large number of pictures he was taking.

That letter found it's way to the desk of Monsignor Robert Murphy in May of last year. The Monsignor spoke with Bishop Finn about the letter, but the Bishop never asked to see the report. Monsignor Murphy spoke with Father Ratigan about his behavior, and it was left at that.

Bishop Finn now regrets that he did not take more action and vows to change policies for future possible events. All this rings hollow to catholics who have seen and heard this song and dance before. Back in 2008 while announcing a Church payout to the tune of $10 million to victims of past abuse in the Kansas City area, the Bishop apologised and vowed to put into place programs that would see this never happen again. How'd that work out for ya, Bishop.

The Catholic Church is a joke. I can't understand how anyone can step into a Catholic Church, let alone give them money. But I do understand them a little more. They are so opposed to abortion because it would rob them of one more child they could molest.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kansas City Priest Charged With Child Pornography

Kansas City Priest Shawn Francis Ratigan was arrested Wednesday on child pornography charges. Ratigan was charged with three counts of possessing child porn and is being held on $200,000 bond. Authorities allege that Father Ratigan took photos of young girls in and around the churches and schools that he worked. He was at St Patrick's in Kansas City North for about a year, and at St Mary's in St Joseph, MO before that.

Back in December, a computer repair technician discovered suspect images on his laptop and alerted church officials. At that time Bishop Robert Finn contacted a Kansas City Police officer and described "a single image of a young naked girl...nothing of a sexual nature" and asked if it was pornography. The officer replied that is was not, but never saw the image or was told that there were others. This information is according to Kansas City Police Captain Steve Young.

The day after the discovery of the images, Father Ratigan attempted suicide and was hospitalized for psychiatric care. Finn also restricted Ratigan's actions, including ordering him to stay away from children and events where children might be present. In March, Bishop Finn discovered that Ratigan had attended a child's birthday party and a St Patrick's Day parade. Soon after, a higher church official had contacted police to provide them with the images that were originally found on Ratigan's computer. KCPD conducted an investigation and uncovered more pictures.

As Parishiners learned of Father Ratigan's arrest, their concern spread. Some wanted to know why it took so long to turn over eveidence to the Police. Poor judgement on the behalf of church officials once again causes embarrassment for a Catholic church that continues to not learn from it's past mistakes. What is it about the priesthood that attracts men who like to engage in deviant sexual behavior and those who will cover up the acts?

Father Ratigan will likely get his punishment at the hands of other convicts in prison. Even cold blooded killers don't like child abusers, especially hypocritical ones. It's no wonder religion is on the decline in this country with stories like Father Ratigan's and this nut.


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