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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Parents of Baby Whose Fingers Were Eaten by Ferret Arrested

Back in January, we told you the terrible story of the baby in Grain Valley that had 7 fingers eaten off by a ferret while the parents supposedly slept nearby. Well, turns out the two WERE NOT EVEN HOME at the time of the attack. That's right, they left their 4 month old baby home alone. Nice. Cell phone records obtained by Grain Valley Police showed the two exchanging text messages and were not in the vicinity of their Gran Valley home.

Ryan and Carrie Waldo will not be in the running for parents of the year this year because they are in jail to answer 1st degree child endangerment charges, a class C Felony. Bond has been set at $10,000. More charges could be added as court documents allege the couple tampered with evidence (they cleaned the baby swing and moved furniture) - Not to mention lying to police.

What a couple of white trash losers. Of course, as soon as I knew they owned a ferret, I could have told you they were white trash. If you own a ferret, you are white trash, no exceptions! My guess is the kid didn't stand much of a chance in life with these parents even if he had all ten fingers. Poor kid. The baby and an older sibling have been removed from the home pending the outcome of this case. If they're lucky, mom and dad will have to do several years and they can get some real parents. Fuck, this pisses me off!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ferret Bites Off Sleeping Baby's Fingers

A 4 month old Grain Valley, MO infant is in critical condition after a pet ferret bit off 8 fingers early Monday. Only the child's thumbs and part of a pinkie remain. The parents awoke to the baby crying at 2:30 AM and found the ferret next to the baby. The child's father picked the ferret up and threw it, killing the animal.

The Grain Valley Police reported that the mother fell asleep in the same room as the child, and the father in another room and both were awoken in the middle of the night. in recent months, animal control authorities have made several visits to the residence to investigate complaints relating to dogs on the premises. The landlord at the address also said she told them to get rid of the ferret because it was in violation of their lease as they already had two dogs.

In any case, a ferret, or any animal around an infant unattended is a recipe for disaster. What a sad story for this kid, crippled for life because of his parents bad choice. Anyone interested in a Ferret as a pet should check out this helpful owner's manual I found - which by the way says children under 6 are not recommended for ferrets, and infants "are a particular problem. Some ferrets seem to be attracted to the high pitched cries of babies."


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