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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Missouri Tigers Host Colorado Buffaloes Tonight In Columbia

It's been 20 years since the infamous 5th down game almost to the day. Missouri is hosting Colorado this evening just like it did in 1990 in what is likely the last game between the two teams for a long, long, time with Colorado leaving for the PAC 10 next year. In Twenty years, lots of things have changed. In the late 80's, early 90's, Missouri could not buy a win against the Buffaloes - 1990's Fifth Down Game was the rare exception of a competitive match. Of course, even in that game Missouri was aided by the infamous Omniturf playing surface it used at Faurot Field at the time. Those were some dark days for my beloved Tigers - one coach after another (Widenhofer, Stull, Smith)- poor facilities - bad luck. Yes, sometimes it's hard to be a Tiger fan (not to mention a Royals Fan).

In recent years, the tables have turned. Mizzou's football program is no longer a laughing stock, and Coach Gary Pinkel seems to have Colorado's number. In their last four meetings, Missouri has beat Colorado by a combined score of 177-40 - that's an average margin of victory of 34 points. No team has been dominated by the Tigers like Colorado has. Missouri not only has recent history on it's side, but also has the more talented team and home field advantage. All of this points to another Tiger blowout - even Vegas agrees - the point spread is around 11. College Football pundits around the country don't give Colorado a chance in this one.

All this being said, Mizzou is Mizzou, all the crushing defeats and last second losses are burned into the psyche of the Tigers fan. Football games aren't played on paper - the Tigers need to take care of business on the field. After all, it is the "Show Me" State.


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