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Saturday, October 30, 2010

KU Shows Signs of Life Against Iowa State

For the first time in weeks, KU football actually looked competitive. Yes, the Jayhawks lost again, 28-17 against Iowa State, yet KU was actually in the game (starting its third string quarterback). The moral victory could be a sign that KU may actually turn things around after all. That is a big maybe.

After blowout losses to Baylor, Kansas State and Texas A&M (not exactly the three power houses of the conference), KU wasn't expected to compete with an Iowa State team fresh off a road upset of Texas. However, KU, led by its third string quarterback and starting a bevy of freshmen and sophomores as usual, led at halftime and looked competitive all game long. It was a sign of life from a program that desperately needed anything positive.

After Mark Mangino won an Orange Bowl and took the program to never-before seen success, few thought the transition to Turner Gill would be smooth. Few also thought KU would be this bad in Gill's first season and not only lose, but lose the way it has. While moral victories don't build programs, it is nice to see that Gill is starting to slightly get it together, and KU was able to go on the road and be competitive. After this season ends and KU wins the Big 12 in basketball like it does every year, it will be interesting to see what Gill does in year two. At least its starting to look not as bleak.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Kansas State Routs Kansas

Heading into last night's Sunflower Showdown, most fans expected a tight game between two in-state rivals. Last year's game in Manhattan was close, and both the Wildcats and the Jayhawks were coming off bad loses in conference play. Nothing could have prepared either side for the final result, a 59-7 bloodbath in favor of KSU.

K-State is a good team, a team that will likely finish second or third in the Big 12 North and make a middle-tier bowl. There is no way, however, that the Wildcats are 52 points better than the Jayhawks. None. Coaching is 100% to blame for this loss and the final score. There already is a website dedicated to the firing of Turner Gill, and with each crushing blowout, the notion is becomming more likely.

Losing isn't what this is all about, its the nature of the loses and the direction of the program. KU Football is in a state of emergency and is close to destroying everything Mark Mangino built. Only 31 games ago, KU was winning the Orange Bowl. Now KU isn't just losing games, it is getting blown out. Instead of fixing the problems on the field, Gill is focused on implementing rediculous rules to "build character" in his players. I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet, but KU is on the verge of hiring a new athletic director. Gill better improve quickly, or his days are numbered.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

KU beats Georgia Tech

After suffering one of the worst and most embarrassing defeats in school history, almost everyone had written off the season for KU football. The team, losing some of the most prolific players in the program's history, was deemed finished and many fans started calling for head coach Turner Gill's head. Many fans simply hoped KU could at least score a touchdown and keep it relatively close against a ranked Georgia Tech team who was fresh off a huge win over its own FCS opponent in week one.

KU was able to answer its critics and save its season, upsetting heavily favored Georgia Tech 28-25. The KU offense, now led by freshman quarterback Jordan Webb and freshman running back James Sims, moved the ball early and often and almost made the offensive debacle in week one a distant memory. KU's defense gave up yards on the ground, but was able to eliminate the Yellowjacket's passing attack and come up with several key stops on fourth down to help KU seal the upset.

The upset was exactly what first-year coach Turner Gill needed to gain back the faith of the Jayhawk fans and players. After an embarrassing loss, it was important for KU to at least be competitive against Georgia Tech, but the upset gives KU momentum and a fresh start to its season.

While the win is huge for the program, it is baffling how KU could look so terrible in week one and so much better in week two. It is possible KU had been overlooking North Dakota State with Georgia Tech on the horizon, however just one score against the FCS Bison would have provided a victory. One thing is for sure, KU has now become one of the most unpredictable teams in the country, and all predictions for the 2010 season are now meaningless. At the very least, KU football gave its fans a reason to believe again.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

KU Football Program Dead at 120

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The University of Kansas Football Program was found dead Saturday evening at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence. The KU faithful in the stands that night could only gasp in horror as North Dakota State bludgeoned a barely breathing program to death. Turner Gill turned himself in Tuesday morning to authorities who were seeking him on charges of accessory to murder. Also sought is Athletic Director, (Sweet) Lew Perkins, those familiar with the case claim Sweet Lew has fled the state. If convicted, Gill could be sentanced to up to 10 years as Mark Mangino's food tester.

Born in 1890, Kansas Football hasn't always been the laughing stock of the Big 12. Three NFL Hall of Famers have played at Kansas (John Riggins, Gale Sayers, and Mike McCormack). They even won an Orange Bowl. They amassed a 6-6 record in 12 Bowl Games alltime. Not too shabby for a basketball school. The Program will be missed by other Big 12 schools who would count on an easy victory every year, as well as by the few thousand who regularly attended KU Football games. When does Basketball Season start?

When reached by Kansas City News, Mark Mangino had no comment, but a huge smile on his face!

Monday, September 6, 2010

KU Loses to North Dakota State

KU's loss to North Dakota State this past saturday at home in Lawrence was the most embarrassing in the program's history. After the program was elevated to never-before seen heights by winning the Orange Bowl and putting together back-to-back bowl seasons, Turner Gill has almost destroyed everything Mark Mangino built with one swift stroke.

At first I thought I was overreacting, but taking into account KU's opponent, I am confident that this is the lowest KU has ever sunk. North Dakota State is an FCS school, and not even a good one at that. The Bison went 3-8 last year, and lost key playmakers on offense and defense. KU couldn't even score one touchdown against this team? Not one? Absolutely pathetic.

I know KU lost some of the most prolific offensive players in the program's history, but the team still has talent. It has former high recruits all over the offense and every offensive lineman has starting experience. KU should have been able to play its scrubs and still beat this team by two touchdowns.

KU looked unprepared, unmotivated and downright helpless against "mighty" North Dakota State. Turner Gill inherited a team with young talent due to Mark Mangino's best recruiting classes ever before his departure. Gill needs to at least make progress this season and win a few games, or his tenure in Lawrence will be shorter than anyone ever could have guessed.


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