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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dead, Frozen Baby Found in Pickup Truck Bed in Kansas CIty

Kansas City Police are investigating the discovery of a dead baby. The baby was found wrapped in a plastic bag in the back of a pickup parked in a driveway in the 11300 block of East 49th St. Police went to the house on Kansas City's east side on a tip from a man who was at the residence January 9 and heard a woman giving birth. The man was back at the scene some days later and asked about the baby; "What baby?" was the response from Wanda Benanhaley, 38, of the residence.

That man called Kansas City Police who responded to the residence. Wanda and boyfriend told Police the baby was stillborn, so they threw it in a plastic bag and into the back of a pickup. The Officers were surprised to find the body still in the truck - MORE THAN TWO WEEKS AFTER THE BABY WAS BORN! What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Wanda has a long history of run ins with the law. Drugs, mostly - she probably does a lot of meth to look at her. Currently the boyfriend has not been charged, and Wanda was arrested on an outstanding warrant. As soon as the body thaws, an autopsy will be done, I'm sure it will be easy enough to tell if the baby was stillborn. At the very least, these two pieces of white trash should be charged with abandoning a corpse or something. Disgusting Animals!


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