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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bob Fescoe's Rant On Chiefs Lame, Not Funny

Bob "The Bulldog" Fescoe
Bob Fescoe, radio personality and host of Fescoe in the Morning is making headlines today after throwing a fit on-air regarding the Kansas City Chiefs. Fescoe’s frustrations have seemingly hit a high point after Kansas City got off to an 0-2 start this season while being outscored 75-41.

Fescoe’s frustrations are understandable, as the Chiefs have jumped out to an 0-2 start once again and haven’t even been competitive so far this season. However, the radio personality borders on ridiculous in his rant. Fescoe claims that Chiefs fans are embarrassing their mother, their father, the city, their wives and their children. What?

I’m all for sports rants, as they have given us some of the funniest sound clips you will find and provide YouTube gold. But Fescoe’s rant isn’t funny, and he just seems like a bitter fan. He claims people are tired of spending money on tickets, parking, and refreshments at the stadium. Well Bob, if you are sick of it, stop going. Chiefs fans pride themselves on being one of the “best” groups in the country and making Arrowhead stadium an intimidating place to play. If you want to carry that label, you can’t simply abandon your team when they play poorly after two games.

Fescoe also claims that the Chiefs give people nothing to live for. Really? I mean, seriously?

Maybe there is a much more reasonable argument to be made – Kansas City isn’t that good of a football team, and they have played one of the best teams in the league followed by a borderline playoff team on the road. Throw in that they were missing three key defenders in week one and play one of the toughest schedules in the NFL and an 0-2 start doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

Fescoe tries very hard to make his rant humorous. He claims he could have gone pumpkin shopping or drank cider in Louisburg rather than watch the Chiefs play – which again, isn’t funny. None of this is. This guy hosts a radio show?

It is quite clear what all of this is: an attempt to grab headlines and coverage. Fescoe is simply trying to get attention because the media will always eat up a juicy sports rant. Naturally, there are several articles in newspapers and online this morning about the rant with sound clips. Congrats Bob, you did it!

There is a reason I stopped listening to Kansas City sports radio years ago: it isn’t good. What initially put me off is that the hosts covering college sports all have clear agendas for their local team of choice. Jack Harry, of all people, gets to host a radio and television show – the same Jack Harry who picked the national runner-up and Big 12 champion Kansas Jayhawks to finish sixth in the league in basketball simply because he is a die-hard Mizzou fan. The same Jayhawks that have won the league eight years in a row. This guy has no clue what he is talking about 90% of the time and is a complete homer for one team, yet he is all over the airways. I’d rather watch paint dry than listen to this guy screaming on the air about nonsense.

People like Harry would rather stir the pot than actually analyze and objectively look at teams and matchups. It gets people talking and boosts ratings - but it isn't good radio. Not to me, at least.

Since I no longer listen to the local coverage, I had never heard of Bob Fescoe or his show. Judging by this rant, it looks like I’m not missing anything. Kansas City deserves better sports radio than this.

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