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Friday, December 17, 2010

Kansas City Zoo Meerkat Mystery Solved

Jacob Bradley and Justin Santhuff thought they were going to the Kansas City Zoo to steal a cuddly, unique pet. On November 4th, the two knuckleheads went to the Zoo with a stroller and a cage hidden under the blanket. Santhuff allegedly jumped into the open air Meerkat exhibit in the Africa section of the Zoo and grabbed one of the Meerkats. They put it in the cage and pushed it out of the Zoo. Mission Accomplished.

Problem is, of course, Meerkats are wild animals and don't make good pets as our fine young Kansas Citians soon discovered. On the way home, Santhuff appenrently made a comment about how cute the little guy was and was promptly bitten harshly on the finger. The fellows took the Meerkat to the Trailer Park (big suprise) where they lived and kept it in a glass aquarium. They fed it cat food, but soon realized what smelly little bastards Meerkats are. They dropped the little guy off at an area pet store - the pet shop notified the Zoo - and the Meerkat was home.

These two morons probably would have gotten away with it if they hadn't bragged about it on the Facebook page (as you do). They now sit in Jail under a $5000 bond each. Both are charged with one count of Felony Theft.


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