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Monday, May 23, 2011

Devastating Storms Hit Kansas and Missouri

Harold Camping may have been wrong about the end of the World, but don't tell that to the survivors of Missouri's worst tornado related weather event in history. Pictures from Joplin, MO are apocalyptic this morning after a mile wide tornado destroyed much of the city. 89 are currently confirmed dead, but that number is likely to rise as workers search the rubble for survivors.

A hospital, one of two in the city, and a nursing home took direct hits Sunday afternoon around 5PM. A resident 45 miles away reported debris in his yard from St John's Regional Medical Center including x-rays and medical equipment. Patients have been sent to hospitals in other communities. Thousands are without power, and residents have been told to boil water for drinking or preparing food. The Joplin School District was also hit hard with 9 schools receiving damage, 3 completely destroyed. Phone lines are down making it hard to reach those in the affected areas. You can search for friends and other loved ones on the Red Cross's site.

If you wish to help, you can contact the Red Cross. They are VERY good at getting help to the right spot in a timely manner. You can also give blood, please go to one of the local community blood centers to contribute.

The tornado in Joplin overshadowed an EF3 tornado that struck on Saturday night in the small town of Reading, KS near Emporia. One man was killed when his mobile home (of course) was flipped in the storm. At least five people were injured, and most of the town destroyed.


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