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Monday, March 7, 2011

KCTV Flubs Border War Broadcast

With less than 5 minutes remaining in Saturday's Missouri-Kansas Basketball game, CBS Sports inexplicably switched the feed to the Michigan-Michigan State game. Needless to say, there was slightly less demand for the Big 10 rivalry game as there was for the Border War locally. And yes, it a WAR, not a "Showdown" as some PC pantywaists want you to believe. Though Kansas should have had the game well in hand, Missouri did mount a furious too little-too late comeback to eventually lose by just 4 with local fans running to their radios to hear the outcome of the final minutes.

Soon after the game, the horribly lame excuses started roll in from KCTV, CBS's local affiliate in Kansas City. First it was noted that it was not KCTV's fault for the feed is sent by CBS - that excuse was soon rendered useless as word got out that Topeka and St Louis's CBS affiliate switched back to the MU-KU game within minutes. The next excuse was sun spots. Are you freaking kidding me? Sun spots? Are you sure it wasn't Bigfoot or a Leprechaun who tripped over the network feed cable? No matter what the problem was, there simply is no excuse for KCTV to have dropped the ball like this. I have a feeling what really happened is that no one noticed the problem until it was too late to do anything about. They were literally "asleep at the switch". What should we expect from a news station that did not even have a sports department for 7 years until last year when they hired Michael Coleman (ugh) to be their Sports Director.

I'd link to Coleman's page on KCTV's website if there was one. In fact, you can't even find the guy's name mentioned on the website. Has he been fired? Well, if so I don't think anyone would notice. Oh, I almost forgot, KU can SUCK IT!

Monday, February 7, 2011

First Border War of the Year Could be a Lopsided Affair

On August 21, 1863, Captain William Quantrill and his band of raiders sacked, burned, and murdered in the city of Lawrence, KS as depicted in the photo. The Missouri Tigers will come to Lawrence this evening with considerably less firepower than Quantrill did 150 years ago. Though formidable at home, the Tigers have been less than stellar on the road. Missouri has only won one true road game, and that was against a woeful Oregon team, the Tigers are 0-4 on the road in Conference Play including loses to unranked Colorado and Oklahoma State.

Mizzou has not won in Lawrence since Norm Stewart's last year in 1999. That's fitting because no one took the rivalry more seriously than Norm did. Of course, he famously would never stay the night in the State of Kansas, choosing instead to stay in Kansas City and driving over for the game in the morning.

If Missouri is to have a chance tonight, they need to shoot the ball well and get to the free throw line. In Mizzou's last road game against Oklahoma State they were out shot at the line by 43-16. That's not going to win you many games. On a bright note for Missouri, Josh Selby appears to be out for the game, and there is no way Brady Morningstar scores 19 again. As much as it pains me to say it, I still think the Jayhawks win big tonight, they just have too much talent for the Tigers to overcome on the road. They can still SUCK IT though!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thuggery at KU Continues as Mario Little Arrested

Few details are currently available, but KU Senior Mario Little was arrested overnight on charges of Battery, Criminal Damage, and Criminal Trespass - all misdemeanors. Police were called to an apartment building on Ohio St in Lawrence because of a disturbance around 3AM. Mario was booked and posted bail around 5AM this morning.

Little will most certainly be suspended from the Basketball team, maybe worse. Though maybe I'm wrong, Bill Self is known to put up with criminals and thuggery. You might remember Mario Little's involvement last year in the fights with the Football Team (makes me laugh to think about those idiots). Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

In other Big 12 Basketball news, Missouri Point Guard Michael Dixon was suspended indefinitely by Missouri Basketball coach Mike Anderson for unspecified violation of team rules. Word is the violation has nothing to do with breaking the law. Now that Mike Anderson he runs a tight ship. Go Tigers!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Missouri Pulls Out Overtime Win Against Vanderbilt

The Missouri Tigers Basketball team escaped with a victory last night at Mizzou Arena beating unranked, but solid Vanderbilt in overtime 85-82. Marcus Denmon came on strong for the Tigers in the second half only hours after his cousin, Marion died from injuries sustained in a shooting late last Friday. After having an abysmal first half, Denmon scored 19 in the second half and overtime including a layup and free throw to give the Tigers their final three point lead with 5 seconds left. Denmon and his cousin grew up in the same Kansas City house and his death obviously affected his play in the first half. Denmon leads the Tigers in scoring this year averaging over 17 points per game.

A disturbing trend is developing with the Missouri Tigers Basketball team. The last three games have come down to the final play before the buzzer. Last week, Missouri blew a late lead and folded in overtime against a good Georgetown team - then traveled west two days later and let a poor Oregon team back in the game after amassing an 18 point halftime lead (and growing it early in the second half). The Oregon game can probably be chalked up to tired legs, but the Georgetown and Vanderbilt games are signs this team still has work to do. They continue to leave players WIDE open for three-pointers and will continue to be troubled be teams that can shoot the three. Wild swings in games is something we have grown accustomed to as Missouri fans with Coach Mike Anderson's "Forty Minutes Of Hell" style of play, but the Tigers have to play better defense. They probably will, as every Mike Anderson team at Missouri has gotten better throughout the year.

Missouri has now won 51 consecutive non-conference home games. That's pretty cool. Oh yeah, and KU can SUCK IT!


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