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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Woman Uses Facebook To Accuse Man Of Physically Assaulting Her

The picture Taylor uploaded to Facebook
A woman who had suffered physical abuse posted a picture of herself at Liberty Hospital on her attacker’s Facebook wall, leading to a charge of second-degree felony domestic assault.

Amber Taylor, 23, was found in a bathtub at a motel after being hit in the head with the handle of a baseball bat and knocked unconscious by 19-year-old Austin McCauley. A witness who found the woman initially feared that she was dead. McCauley also held a knife to his throat after the attack in front of other witnesses, threatening to hurt himself if any contacted the police.

Witnesses say that Taylor and McCauley have been living together in the motel room for a little over two weeks. After McCauley assaulted Taylor with the bat, he took her to the bathroom to clean her up before threatening to kill both the witnesses on the scene and himself with a knife.

Austin McCauley
It is believed that McCauley’s attack started after he found text messages on Taylor’s phone between herself and another man.

The woman then snapped a picture of herself recovering in Liberty Hospital and posted it to McCauley’s Facebook page using his account, where it received 6,500 likes and has been shared over 700 times. Taylor wrote on the picture’s caption “I want everyone to know who he is bc he is fake and honestly NO woman ever deserves to be in my spot.” Many people have left comments of praise and encouragement for the woman.

McCauley is currently in police custody with a court date scheduled for December 31.

In today’s world filled with social media outlets, one’s actions will get magnified. McCauley learned that the hard way, and thousands of people now know he is assaulted a woman, left her for dead and then threatened to kill others. Many people are weary of how platforms like Facebook have invaded our privacy, but in cases like this, they can help deliver justice.

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