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Monday, July 11, 2011

Woman Shot and Killed by Police in Kansas City

In a bizarre incident, Kansas City Police shot and killed what they described as a white woman in her 20's or early 30's this morning in the 5800 block of Manchester Ave. That's near I-435 and 350 Hwy on the east side. It all started when a woman called 911 to report that another woman (the now dead one) showed up at her house with an assault rifle and woke her up telling her to "get out". As she fled her home, she heard four or five shots. Police responded to the scene and the woman pointed an assault rifle at officers. KCPD responded with at least one shot.

Suicide by cop? Love triangle? Lover's quarrel? Time will tell, but it is a strange story that Police are trying to piece details together. Police will only say that the two women knew each other, but won't say how. There was a picture of the suspect inside the victim's home though.

One thing is for sure - you point an assault rifle at the Police, they will shoot you. Everytime.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kansas City Missouri Police Shoot and Kill Man

Late Wednesday night a man was fatally shot by a Kansas City Missouri Police Officer. The incident started with the Officer noticing a driver on 71 Hwy driving erratically without headlights. Lights, Sirens, Chase ensue. Now dead criminal doesn't stop, of course - pulls into driveway at 7107 Agnes (nice neighborhood) and proceeds to run towards the front door. Cop catches him before he can get inside (must be one of our more in shape cops) - a struggle starts, crackhead (allegedly) reaches for his gun. Not fast enough; KCMO Police Officer shoots him first. The officers involved in the shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave per Department Policy. This is the second incident in about a week. A Ruskin Heights man was killed last week by Police after refusing to drop a pole (curtain rod, whatever) and rushing police after robbing a house.

From just the initial description of the incident, it sounds like this cop really has his shit together. He catches the guy before he can get inside (his?) house, and draws his weapon before dead dirt bag can. Nice job indeed! And we save the money of a trial and housing the prisoner. But seriously, another incident that highlights the dangerous job our Police Officers face everyday. I know they are irritating when they write you a speeding ticket for going 7 over, but they really do deserve our thanks.

Cue nasty comments from friends and family of the dead man claiming that cops love to shoot innocent people, and dead guy was such a great person and father, etc...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Meth Head Shot and Killed in Ruskin Heights

Police were called to a Burglary in progress this morning in the Ruskin Heights area of Kansas City. When they arrived they found two white males (in Ruskin?) outside a vacant house. One man had a 3 foot long metal pole in his hand. When confronted by Police and told to drop the pole, the man charged. Big mistake - DRT (Dead Right There). If you prefer to live, do follow the directions of a Police officer. Their main goal every day is to return home in one piece, and they will shoot you if they feel their lives are threatened.

The dead man is one Kenny Gurley, 40 years old. He was killed in the back yard of the home directly behind where he lived with his pregnant girlfriend. Kenny is (was) a Meth Addict. Know this, if you do Meth - IT WILL KILL YOU - one way or another, eventually it will kill you.

A few burglaries had been reported in the neighborhood in the last week. According to his family, Kenny had been clean for a year and started a guttering business before recently relapsing into his Meth Habit. Sad, for his family - Sad for his unborn child.

Also sad for the Police Officer that had to pull the trigger. It can't be easy to shoot someone, and of course later to find out that person had a child on the way - and incidentally, Kenny was probably a decent fellow when not doing drugs. I've known a few like him.

Of course, the family will likely sue the Police Department - another frivolous lawsuit for the courts. Remember kids, Drugs are Bad, mkay.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Police Shoot Out Their Own Windows Responding to Backfiring Car

Thursday night Kansas City Police Officers were responding to reports of shots fired in a neighborhood near I-435 and Gregory. They came upon a broken down van that backfired with a man getting out of it. That man was Phillip Ransom. He was returning home from work when his van broke down just a block from his home. It had apperently been backfiring and his neighbor had called police reporting shots fired (he had heard the backfiring of the van a block away). The cops roll up, hear a backfire - while responding to a shots fired call - while a man is getting out of the van. One thing leads to another and the Officers open fire striking the van at least three times and scaring the shit out of poor Phillip. He hits the ground and is yelling at the cops that he is unarmed. He was unarmed.

In the aftermath of the incident it was discovered that the windows of the patrol car were also shot out. It turns out the Police Officers shot out their own windows while exiting the vehicle. Wow - that's embarassing. I know that Police Officers go through a lot. They never know what to expect when responding to a call, but this is not good. I'm would imagine disciplinary action of some sort is in order, not to mention a healthy ribbing at Police HQ. I'm sure they are very thankful that no one was injured - other than the two vehicles involved.

Mr. Ransom needs to obtain the services of an attorney. He be gettin' a settlement.


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