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Friday, December 30, 2011

KC School District Enrollment Halt Denied by Jackson County Judge

In a court hearing that many agree should not have been held in a Jackson County courtroom today, the 6 school districts who put in a petition to halt the transfer of students from the unaccredited Kansas City School district were denied today as Circuit Judge W. Brent Powell ruled against the temporary halt. Spokesmen from each of the six districts are expecting absolute chaos as thousands of inner city students and parents show up at their doorstep demanding to enroll their students in their accredited schools. The six schools who are expecting the worst at this point are The Center School District (we thought that this WAS a Kansas City School District), The Independence School District, The Blue Springs School District, The Raytown School District and The North Kansas City School District.

Let's just put up the main points in this situation to make it simple:

1. The Kansas City School District failed for a reason. The parents of the students in that district do not care enough about their children's education (the majority, that is - there are some exceptions so don't get all worked up). The fact is, the KC School District FAILED, it had it's chance, and it FAILED, so yes, we can say that the students are undereducated and that blame falls squarely on the parents who did not get involved.

2. The neighboring districts do not want an influx of students from the ghetto mixing in with their students. No one has said it, but believe me, THEY ARE THINKING IT. These students will bring an element of crime, thuggery and failure to these districts, which is not fair. These students couldn't make it work in their own district, so the answer is to abandon ship and go mess up another district? Not a good plan. Stay and fix your own problems. Can't wait to see the first urban mother on the news talking about how the neighboring school districts are "being racist" towards her children. Ah, the race card, it will definitely get played before this is all over. Race has nothing to do with the failure of your children and the society that you have created for them. Get over yourselves and fix your neighborhoods and schools and quit blaming everything on someone else. You got your president, now shut up and start doing some actual WORK.

3. The neighboring districts want their tuition PAID IN FULL, and PAID UP FRONT. It has been predicted by experts that most of these students who attempt to transfer will fail in the new school district and return or drop out within months or even weeks. The schools accepting new students have every right to demand their money up front so that they don't waste countless overhead and man hours preparing for these students, only to have them drop out when they can't keep up. The City of Kansas City wants to pay on a "month to month" basis, kind of like a low rent ghetto apartment complex or a sleazy hotel. That should tell you something right there.

4. The students and parents of the Kansas City School District DON'T NEED TO PANIC! It is ok for your kids to attend and graduate from an unaccredited school. They will still be able to get into the college of their choice on the merit of good SAT scores and academic history. If your student doesn't have a good academic history or cannot score well on the SAT, then they are going to fail anyway - a change of school district is not going to change that - sorry.

Just as a matter of easy transportation math, I would assume that the Center School District would be getting the worst of this influx of students. The Center School District lies closest to the Kansas City School District, and actually has a student body that would closely resemble the students who currently attend the Kansas City School District schools. Urban, low test scoring, police records, history of violence and bad parenting - the Center School District might actually be the best fit for the transferring students. But do they have enough room? Will the students who transfer lower Center School District's overall standing with the state as far as test scores, etc.?

Aside from the suburban school administrator's fears of large numbers of students trying to squeeze into their schools, there is, of course, a matter of money. The neighboring school districts have a policy in place that clearly states that a student wishing to transfer who does not reside in the the district boundaries must pay tuition (in North Kansas City's case around $9500.00), and the fee must be paid UP FRONT. The Kansas City School District has offered to pay around $3700.00 per student on a MONTHLY payment schedule. This is not satisfactory to the neighboring schools and is most likely a reflection on the City of Kansas City's lack of faith in the dropout rate of the students who will attempt to attend schools that are far advanced in education and curriculum, and most of the students who transfer will simply not be able to keep up and will either return to the Kansas City School District or simply drop out.

Here is a great quote from a teacher:

"What makes these school districts different is the level of parental and community support. What makes these schools different is that most of the parents are very involved in our children's lives and education and are actually parenting, raising our children to be productive, law abiding members of society."

And that, my friends sums it up pretty well.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Court Petition to Stop Student Transfers from Kansas City School District Schools

Since the Kansas City School District will officially be stripped of it's accreditation on January 1st, 2012, some students currently enrolled in the Kansas City School District are planning to "jump ship" and transfer to school districts outside of the Kansas City School District in order to graduate or attend an accredited school. On Friday, 5 of these school districts filed a petition in court to temporarily block students from transferring out of the Kansas City school district and into neighboring school districts with accreditation still in tact. The five school districts that petitioned the court were Blue Springs, Independence, North Kansas City, Lee's Summit and Raytown.

Under normal circumstances, parents can send their students to any school they wish. If they live in the school's district, the students can attend for free and the school district provides transportation to those areas. However, if a parent wants to send their student to a school outside of their district, they must pay a tuition and provide their own transportation, for example, the tuition to attend a school in the North Kansas City School District is currently $9500.00 UP FRONT. The City of Kansas City only has budgeted $3770.00 per student for transfers, and obviously that amount is not going to cover it. Not only that, but most parents of students in the Kansas City School District most likely couldn't even afford a third of the cost to transfer their students to neighboring districts.

Parents: Don't Panic! Since it is unlikely that any students coming out of 4 years in a Kansas City School District school are planning on attending Harvard on an academic scholarship, there really isn't much reason to panic and those students attending and getting ready to graduate from a Kansas City School District should have no problem getting into a college that they qualify to get into with SAT scores or athletic scholarships. If a university wants a student, they can, at their discretion, accept a student who has a degree from a non-accredited school district. If you are the parent of a student who will graduating from the Kansas City School District, it might be best to get your kid studying HARD for the SAT test, and not worry about shuffling them off to a strange new school. If a student's SAT scores and academic record are in order, they can go to any community college including Longview Community College, Johnson County Community College, or any Metropolitan Community College to get their start. After 2-4 semesters at any of these community colleges, if they perform well they can go to any school they want and the unaccredited high school diploma will not be a factor.

The petition that was filed by the 5 school districts (Blue Springs, Independence, North Kansas City, Raytown and Lee's Summit) is attempting to get some sort of organized plan in place before estranged new students just start pouring into their schools. Most students from the Kansas City School District will not be able to afford to transfer to another district, but they should not panic as they can still go to college unobstructed as long as their SAT scores and academic history are in order.

Also, parents, don't forget that not every child is cut out to attend college. If you are a parent of a student who is performing poorly, and scored poorly on the SAT exam, there are trade schools and on the job training programs out there. Remember the immortal words of Ted Knight as Judge Smails from Caddyshack, "The world needs ditch diggers too!"

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

School District Loses 3 Cabinet Chiefs in Kansas City

The members of the Kansas City School District are jumping ship as it slowly sinks into the water. It was announced today that Chief of Finance Rebecca Lee-Gwin, Chiefs of Curriculum Mary Esselman and Chief Academic officer MiUndrea Prince are quitting the School Board in the wake of the Kansas City School District losing it's accreditation. For a map of the Kansas City School District see photo.

The panic will probably not end here as there is talk of dissolving the entire school board and installing a state controlled commission. Board member Arthur Benson gave a statement that he believes that the state is undermining the actions that the board has been taking to steer the Kansas City School District back on the right path. Most board members who are jumping ship are headed to Detroit, where they are putting together a state controlled school board to overtake leadership of Michigan schools that are in the dumpster.

The Kansas City School District cannot succeed because it is rooted too deeply in the ghetto, where kids know more about rappers, cell phones, gold chains, tennis shoes, guns and petty larceny than they do about math, science and history. Few to none of the schools located within the Kansas City School District are in good neighborhoods, the last one being Southwest High School, which is located in the semi good neighborhood of Brookside - the only problem is that in the case of Southwest High School, all of the residents of the immediate neighborhood are terrified to send their children to that school and opt to pay premium costs to have their children sent to private schools instead. There is no arguing with the facts, however, and you can't blame the residents of Brookside for avoiding Southwest High like the plague, the police were called to that school over 50 times in just 3 months for violence, arson, and other ghetto thug crimes. I wouldn't send my children anywhere NEAR a Kansas City public school, and the people of Brookside seem to agree.

Education of Kansas City's children starts at home people. If you are feeding your child McDonald's, Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken 3 or more times a week for dinner, letting them watch rap videos with Jigs grabbing their nuts and treating women like prostitutes, and having no male role models around them to teach them the value of a hard days work, then your children are probably going to grow up fighting the system and performing poorly in school. Those are the cold hard facts. I'm sure that the parents of children attending Kansas City public schools are whining and complaining like the Democrats always do, that something is wrong with the system and it's the city or the state's fault (another Democrat reasoning), but let us here at Kansas City News wake you up a little bit: If you're child is failing classes at ANY school, it is YOUR fault as a parent. Sit that child down and make sure that they do their homework, it's that simple folks, it really is. Quit blaming the city, state and your country for your own laziness - get off your butt and do something for your children and then maybe the test scores for the city as a whole will improve and the Kansas City School District can regain it's accreditation.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kansas City MO School District Bombs MAP Test

It's just another year in the steaming cesspool that we call the KCMO School District. Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) test scores were released this week, and once again KCMSD ranked last in the area. No small feat when you consider that Hickman Mills, Center, and Grandview are all in the area.

The tests rated 29.4% of KC School District students proficient in Communication Arts. I guess Ebonics wasn't tested, and no bonus points for felonies committed or sagging pants. 29.4% - are you kidding me? That is down from last year's 31.3%. Math scores were even worse. Only 27.9% of Kansas City students were at least proficient on Math. That is also down from 30.8% last year.

The Kansas City School District remains a laughing stock, and is virtually forgotten about by the white liberals and black race baiters who caused many of the district's problems going back to the desegregation mess that started in the mid 1980s. After 14 years and $2 billion the district did nothing to improve students learning, or integrate the district (from 1984 to 1997, roughly the time frame of the desegregation case, the percentage of black student population in the district rose from 73% to 80%). Almost 15 years later, we are still trying to figure out how to educate the children of this district. KCMSD now is working with a small percentage of the funds they had 15 years ago, and frantically trying to slash the budget just to get the district in the black. Who has time to figure out how to teach anyone?

But let's not forget the real problem, PC or not. The students come from homes that are, in many cases, a shambles. Education is not seen as important. If you speak proper English, you are "acting white" and homes without fathers are more prevalent than ones with fathers. Until black leaders stop placing blame elsewhere, things are unlikely to change.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back to School Event Helps Kansas City Children, Families

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Several thousand Kansas City area children were able to get fully prepared for the upcoming school year on saturday at the KC Back to School Event held at the Manual Career and Technical Center.

Thousands of children from low-income areas were able to receive school supplies, immunizations, books, uniforms and more. The event comes in the wake of the Kansas City School Board's decision to close several schools in the area, which garnered criticism from the general public.

While the event may have been a saving-face maneuver from the school board, it is comforting to see money and resources benefiting students and their families directly. With school closings and funding being cut in other education-related areas such as bus routes, sending a message of support to students and families was a good move by the Kansas City School District.


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