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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chiefs Shaun Smith Fined by NFL; Royals on Late Season Tear

Chiefs Shaun Smith Fined by NFL; Royals on Late Season Tear
In Sports, there is all kinds of touching between men that is inappropriate on the street. Hugging, ass slapping, and apparently crotch grabbing as our friends in the picture have illustrated (maybe that's only OK in St Louis). Chiefs Defensive Lineman Shaun Smith, or as the media is starting to refer to him, "The Genital Giant", has been fined $10,000 by the NFL for what it termed as "Unnecessary Roughness" for the crotch grab on San Francisco Lineman Anthony Davis. This comes after the second complaint by an opponent after as many games. This time the incident was (sort of) caught on camera. Though you really can't see the actually grab, it is obvious he does something very painful to Davis, who retaliated and was penalized 15 yards in the game. Smith said in an interview that he doesn't recall doing anything like that. You would think a guy would remember grabbing another guy's balls, but OK.

How about your Kansas City Royals. They are in the midst of one of their patented end of the season runs that does nothing but provide false hope for next season. They have won four of their last five (against two of the best teams in the League) and taken the Rays out of first in the American League East. Last night, Bruce Chen, pitched his first complete game shutout in a 12-year Major League Career. Chen took his season record to 12-7, the best on the Royals pitching staff. His ERA is 4.17 - the same as Zach Grienke's. Is Bruce Chen our new ace? God it sucks to be a Royals fan.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Browns Center Accuses Chief Defender of Hitting Below the Belt

Football is a physical game, but according to Cleveland Brown Center Alex Mack, Chiefs Defensive Lineman Shaun Smith got a little too physical in the Chiefs 16-14 win over Cleveland on Sunday. According to Mack, Smith grabbed the Center's private parts during the game.

Smith has denied any wrong doing, however the play ended up having big consequences for the Browns. Mack claims he was so irrate after the play, he commited a personal foul on Chiefs Linebacker Derrick Johnson. The penalty led to a long field goal attempt for Browns kicker Phil Dawson, who missed what may have been a game-winning kick.

Smith played for the Browns the past two seasons before the team cut him in the offseason, so he may have had a little extra motivation to get back at his former team. The Browns may only have themselves to blame for his antics; this article mentions that NFL players accuse the Browns of the most crotch-grabbing and eye-poking in the NFL. Mack is simply getting the same treatment that Brown's opponents have been receiving for the past few seasons.

The bottom line is that the NFL is a dirty game, and things like this happen on the field all the time. Smith is not mentioned as one of the dirtiest players in the NFL, and did something that the Browns have become notorious for. Maybe in the future Mack should just wear a bigger cup.


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