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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Omar Bravo Scores 2 Goals in Sporting KC Opener

Omar Bravo introduced himself to Kansas City Soccer fans last night with two goals in the season opener in Los Angeles against Chivas USA. The 31 year old Mexican Striker was brought to Sporting Kansas City in the off season to help a club who struggled to score goals last season. Bravo has been a standout for years with Mexican club Guadalajara. Sporting went on to beat Chivas 3-2.

Beating Chivas USA may not be a monumental feat (they are the worst team in the league working under a completely new system for this season), but opening the season with a road victory is important, especially seeing as how Sporting is playing nothing but road games until June when their new stadium opens.

Starting the scoring for Sporting was newcomer C J Sapong with a goal in the game's second minute. Sapong was Sporting's first round draft pick on the off season. He is an up and coming American forward who played his college soccer at James Madison University.

While it seems the offense is in high gear, it's a little troubling to give up two goals to a Chivas team who has struggled to score goals and will continue to struggle. But lets not focus on the bad and enjoy a victory to start 2011 MLS Season. Sporting is next in action on Saturday the 26th in Chicago.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kansas City Wizards Change Name and Logo

The team formerly known as the Kansas City Wizards announced Wednesday afternoon that their name going forward would be Sporting Kansas City. The team is trying to reinvent itself with their new stadium opening next summer. Their new logo was also unveiled, and hopefully all this newness will translate into better soccer played on the field. The Wizards were disappointing last season, finishing out of the playoffs in a league where half of the teams go to the postseason.

The new name is a nod to the way European and South American clubs name their teams. Around the world, professional sports teams are known as Sporting Clubs and might have teams competing in several different sports.

Originally Kansas City's Soccer team was known as the Wiz - perhaps the worst EVER name for a sports team. They changed to the Wizards a season later - not much better. They definitely needed a new name and the timing is perfect with a real soccer stadium opening up. I think they went the wrong direction with the new name, however - a mistake many MLS teams have already made. Using Football Club (FC) or Real in the name alienates many Americans who are not used to sports teams being named in this way. In a time that is very important to growing soccer in the US, I think more traditional American name would serve better. Then again maybe no one cares about soccer anyway and never will. Maybe it will grow on me.


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