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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Missouri Lawmakers Error and Ban Tupperware on Missouri Waterways

Earlier in the year, Missouri lawmakers passed a law to ban tupperware on Missouri's waterways. You're asking yourself, "Why would you ban tupperware." I know I did. Answer: your Missouri Lawmakers are as ignorant and care about as much as politicians throughout the country. The law, which banned tupperware, was actually aimed at banning styrofoam. Namely, those cheap styrofoam coolers used by people who got a sudden itch to keep beer cold and trailer trash. The idea was to ban such coolers that are left, abandoned, or broken and cause pollution on Missouri lakes and rivers.

While I strongly agree with the concept, how in the world could this be overlooked by the number of people that should have read this bill throughout. These are the people we elect and pay to represent us and they can't even take the time, or have a member of their staff take time, to read a bill they are voting for or against on behalf of the people they represent. Even worse, the Missouri State Water Patrol says they have no intention of enforcing this law. I agree, it would be stupid to try to enforce this law, but how many others are they going to ignore as well. Just goes to show you that in the end, none of it really matters.

I find this absolutely unacceptable. However, I also find it a sign of the times. I have some news for you. Your elected officials do not care about you. They care about money. They care about moving up in the system. They care about free bees. Yes, there is the token honest politician peppered in among the thieves, but they are few and far between. Years ago, I had a political science professor show the movie The Distinguished Gentleman in one of our classes. The movie starred Eddie Murphy and it kind of perplexed me at first. At the conclusion of the viewing, the professor, a long time political cog, let the class know that the movie defined how our political system really worked. If you haven't scene it, I highly recommend it. A good movie in it's own right, it makes a good point.

Regardless of your political views, republican or democrat or a mind of your own, this is shameful. If you live in Missouri, I would highly recommend contacting any congress person that represents you and let them know you think this is ridiculous. Am I making too big of a deal of this? Maybe. Take a minute to think if this had been something else that is more important such as sexual predators, illegal narcotics, or explosives. Hopefully, that woke you up if you needed it. While this was erroneous and fairly inconsequential, it could have been a very big oversight.


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