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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Former NBA Player Gives Us Rare Positive Example

All to often, NBA and former NBA stars are in the news for all the wrong reasons. All too often, NBA players are arrested, so often that a very lengthy list can be found on stars who wound up behind bars. Other former players end up going bankrupt due to poor decision making and excess spending.

With these occurrences in the news seemingly daily, it is comforting to see a former NBA star doing something positive with his life. "Tiny" Nate Archibald is set to receive his PHD in education, providing a rare example of a former NBA star who used his time away from the court to do something greater with his life.

Archibald, who is part of the NBA's exclusive "50 Greatest Players" list, took advantage of his fame and fortune to get a degree and help educate youth on the importance of school. Rather than attempt to make money off of commercials and lame endorsements, Archibald did something to both better himself and his community. I can only hope that his example rubs off on today's NBA players. It would be refreshing to see basketball stars in the news for something other than a trip to the big house.


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