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Friday, April 22, 2011

NFL Schedule Allows Room to Make Up Missed Games

With the possibility of a lockout next season, the NFL has crafted a schedule in which there could be no games during the first three weeks of the season yet all 16 regular season games could be played. With a lockout looming as a strong possibility, this is a very smart move by the NFL to keep fans optimistic while negotiations continue.

Every game in week three features teams that share the same bye week later in the season. This allows teams to make up a missed week three during what would have been their bye week later on in the year. The league could also skip the week off between the conference championships and the superbowl, while also playing the superbowl a week later than normal. To be safe, the NFL has booked hotel rooms in Indianapolis (the site of next season's superbowl) for two weeks, in case the championship does get pushed back a week.

The regular season is scheduled to kick off September 8 with the Packers hosting the Saints. With the wrinkles in the schedule, the season's start could be delayed until October 2nd and still end February 12. Not bad at all. Kudos to the NFL for drafting an emergency plan and trying to give fans as much football as possible.

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Twists to NFL Labor Talks

The NFL Labor Talks have had several new recent developments which provide some hope that we will have professional football next season. Late yesterday, both sides agreed on a 24 hour extention, which extends the deadline and could also be a sign that a middle ground is becoming more of a reality between the players and owners.

It appears as if the players' union has gained the upper hand in the talks at the moment. It is now being reported that Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees are now backing the NFL Players Association's DeMaurice Smith, an unexpected and somewhat shocking move. Star players almost never side with the NFLPA, and this can only help Smith's side gain more leverage.

The owners are becomming increasingly more disorganized, and are also growing frustrated with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and his inability to take immediate action. Goodell has frequently urged the owners not to let this dispute go to court, as the owners have historically come up short when these disputes are settled with legal action. Hopefully a new collective bargaining argeement can be reached soon, as both sides continue to negotiated.

Friday, August 27, 2010

NFL's Move to an 18 Game Schedule Unfair to Players

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By now, most if not all NFL fans have heard of the possible lockout looming for the 2011-2012 season. With the owners likely to force a lockout to gain a more favorable contract, it seems rediculous that they would then force their players to play more games that matter.

Personally, I would love to see the NFL's regular season extend to 18 games. I am a diehard football fan and the more games that matter, the better. Four preseason games seems a bit too much, especially considering that the majority of these games feature backups and players most fans will never see during the regular season. Two more regular season games shortens an already-too-long preseason, will generate more revenue and give me two more Sundays of NFL.

Only problem is, this new format pushed by the owners is hyprocritical given their stance on the labor dispute. To put it simply, the owners want players to make less money and play more regular season games. I know most NFL players live comfortably, but asking a player to risk injury two more times in the regular season with lessl long-term guarantees is unfair.


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