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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bubba Starling, Football or Baseball?

Bubba Starling and his family are nearing a decision on his future. We know that, because he has a deadline. The Royals have until Monday at Midnight to sign the two sport phenom or their draft pick is nullified. Starling has also signed a letter of intent and is enrolled a t the University of Nebraska. They want him to be their new starting Quarterback. Most likely Bubba could excel in either situation. Many, including his High School Coaches, say he is the best athelete they have ever seen.

I think it's an easy decision. Starling will play baseball for the Royals organization without a doubt. Bubba has agent Scott Boras on his team, and he knows what he is doing. This thing will go down to the last minute on Monday, and Starling (as well as Boras) will take the huge payday. We are talking in the $9-10 million neighborhood. Nobody turns down that kind of money to get pummeled by Linebackers for free.

Sure, the Royals suck, and probably always will, but if he gets to the Bigs and becomes the star everyone thinks he can be, all he has to do is play out his contract, become a Free Agent, make more money to play for a winner. This scenario has worked wonders for players over the years in the Royals organization. Besides, who would want to play for this group of dumb ass fans?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Nebraska Cornhuskers Rout Kansas State Wildcats

What was billed as a close contest and a battle for the Big 12 North (by local folk, anyway), was anything but as Nebraska absolutely rolled Kansas State in Manhattan last night. The final was 48-13, but the game wasn't even that close. Redshirt freshman Quarterback Tayler Martinez burned the Wildcat defense all night running for 241 yards and 4 touchdowns, including runs of 35, 40, and 80 yards for scores. But it wasn't just the Taylor Martinez show, the Nebraska line was opening up huge holes that yours truly could have run through and with Martinez's blazing speed the K-State defence didn't stand a chance. It's going to be a few tough years for Nebraska's opponents with this kid on the field.

On the other side of the ball, K-State's leading rusher Daniel Thomas could not get it going. Nebraska's "BlackShirts" defence held him to under 3 yards per carry. He had been averaging six yards/carry in their first 4 games. This caused problems as K State's passing attack has been suspect all year. After the game Coach Snyder said he was opening up competition at the Quarterback position this week.

Kansas State was rightfully embarrassed by their performance. As one Wildcat player noted, This one hurt. To have a HATED rival come into your home stadium and put the beat down on you is unacceptable. Rumors that the Wildcats also let the Huskers sleep with their girlfriends could not be substantiated. The only thing worse would be to lose to a terrible Jayhawk football team next week when they visit Lawrence.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

K-State vs. Nebraska Could Decide the North

Stop if you've heard this before: Nebraska and Kansas State have a big game that will likely decide the North title. No, it isn't 1997, 2001 or last year. The winner of tonight's K-State Nebraska will once again gain an inside track to making it to the Big 12 title game in Dallas.

K-State got to this point (undefeated and first in the North standings) the way it always does under Bill Snyder - running the ball, controlling the clock and not making mistakes. While the cats haven't beaten anyone impressive, they have executed on both sides of the ball all year long and should contend for the North in a weak year for the Big 12.

Most insiders predict Nebaska to win this game and the North, and for good reason. The Huskers finally have a playmaker under center in Taylor Martinez, and its offense has looked explosive at times this season. Despite losing all-world DT Ndamukung Song to the NFL, the defense is in typical Bo Pelini form.

Nebraska appears to be the better team from top to bottom, but don't count out the Wildcats. K-State has a hall-of-fame coach and will feed off of what should be a great home crowd. The game should remind us of the great Nebraska vs. Kansas State matchups from the late 90's and early 2000's. The winner of this game gains a big inside track to the North title, and with the Big 12 South being down, a shot at a Big 12 crown and BCS berth is not out of the question.


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