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Friday, March 4, 2011

Princess Diana Exhibit Opens Today at Union Station in Kansas City

At the same time her son will be getting married to Kate Middleton, Princess Diana's famous wedding dress will be on display right here in Kansas City. Diana: A Celebration opens today at Union Station near downtown Kansas City. The exhibit will run until June 12 and is open daily except for Mondays. On display will be photos and memorabilia from the Princess's life from childhood to wedding to her life after her marriage to Prince Charles.

There are more than 25 dresses worn by Diana in the exhibit, the most famous being her wedding dress that was seen by 750 million people worldwide on her wedding day. The gown requires a display case 25 feet long. Other items include Bernie Taupin's handwritten lyrics to "Goodbye England's Rose" and various tiaras and home movies.

This exhibit will be an important one in Union Station's 2011 financial year. Attendance of 60,000 plus would be break even for the show - a better showing could make for a financial windfall badly needed for the complex. The exhibit sold over 95,000 tickets in it's recent showing in Grand Rapids, MI - which was more than expected. After it's stay in Kansas City, the items will return to the Althorp Estate, Diana's ancestral home.

Prices range from $10 for Union Station Members to $23.50 for adults. Available at the door.


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