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Monday, November 1, 2010

Randy Moss Released By the Vikings

In a shocking turn of events, the Minnesota Vikings have released star WR Randy Moss. Moss, who was recently acquired from the New England Patriots for a third round pick, was let go from the team following the team's loss to his former team. One major cause for Moss' release was his quitting on a sure touchdown route prior to the play in which QB Brett Favre was knocked out of the game. It didn't help that after the game, Moss held a press conference in which he criticized the Vikings' coaching and complemented the Patriots.

The Vikings are a mess, but this turn of events is a new low. Basically, the team gave New England a third round pick for nothing, now that Moss is gone. Favre wanted Moss, he has since he played for the Packers (which nearly led to the Packers trading Aaron Rodgers for Moss, a potential huge mistake for Green Bay), and since Minnesota's ancient QB has more control over the franchise than the coaches or general managers, the Vikings for the troubled WR.

The Vikings new what they were getting when they traded for Moss. They knew he would stop trying when the going got bad, not run hard on every route, and generally not care if the team was successful. I'm not excusing Moss' behavior, but we all know by now how he acts. Minnesota gambled and lost, and the release of Moss will be just another part of the trainwreck of season the Vikings are putting together.


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