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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NFL Ticket Scandal Has A New Twist

The Super Bowl Ticket Scandal has taken a new twist, as the NFL has made a more enticing offer to the fans that lost their seats due to an obstructed view. The fans can now choose between two options:

1) $2,400 cash and a free "transferable" ticket to next year's game.

2): A free ticket to ANY future Super Bowl of their choosing, plus hotel and airfare for the week of the game. This option would NOT be transferable.

Recent reports are indicating that many of the fans will sue Jerry Jones for up to $5 million a seat. While I can understand that many fans are furious over not being able to see the game, hasn't the NFL done enough? No one was hurt, and many fans will benefit greatly from missing out on the super bowl.

Lets say a fan takes the first option, and sells the transferable ticket to next year's game. A super bowl ticket usually goes for at least a couple thousand, so these guests are getting likely over $5,000. Or a fan gets an all-expenses paid trip to any future game, and what die-hard NFL fan wouldn't love an all-expenses paid trip to the super bowl?

These fans have a right to be upset, but asking for $5 million per seat seems a bit ridiculous. The NFL has taken the necessary steps to make up for the fans' experience, but it will remain to be seen if these steps will be enough to hold off angry football fans - and their lawyers.


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