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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Two Charged In Murder Of UMKC Student

Two Kansas City residents have been charged with the murder of Aaron Markarian, a senior baritone student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Conservatory of Music and Dance. Prosecutors have charged Alonzo D. Ruff, 20, and Anthony J. Williams, 21, of Kansas City with 10 felonies. The pair are charged with second-degree murder, robbery, three counts of assault and five counts of armed criminal action.

Markarian performing
Williams and Ruff decided to rob the college students’ home located at 4900 Brookside Boulevard after Williams had visited the home earlier in the evening. Williams and Ruff then visited the home, armed with a machete and gun, barging inside when Markarian opened the door. The UMKC student and his friends had gathered for a birthday celebration.

After forcing all of the students in the house to sit on a couch, Williams and Ruff stole $400, cellphones and marijuana. After the robbery, Ruff turned and opened fire at the students on the couch. Markarian was fatally wounded during the shooting, while three other victims survived after being hit.
Alonzo D. Ruff and Anthony J. Williams
One of the survivors recognized Ruff from high school, and believes he opened fire on the group out of fear of being recognized. Williams wore a ski mask during the robbery, however it appears that Ruff did not attempt to conceal his identity. Both were arrested Tuesday evening.

Markarian had been set to graduate from UMKC in May with a bachelor’s degree of music in vocal performance. Tony Williams was a graduate of Archbishop O’Hara High School in 2009 and was unemployed. He had met Ruff when the two worked together at a bagel restaurant, and Williams’ family had recently allowed Ruff to move into the family’s home with them.

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