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Monday, August 24, 2009

Real change in America

Obama's platform to get elected to the presidency was all about needing change in America. One place I believe needs the most revamping is the American prison system. Recently in the news California announced an early release of prisoners due to not enough money to keep them in jail. I was disgusted by the fact that letting them out to commit more crimes was the only solution the Govenator could come up with so I have made a list of alternatives that could save governments a fortune.

First we'll start by reducing the three square meals a day down to two meals and a sensible snack. It seems to work for all the dieters in the world, and some of these prisoners could use to lose a few pounds. The prisons would also be responsible for growing their own food supply to eliminate the cost tax payers are paying to feed wrong doers. You want to eat, you have to earn it through hard labor out in the bean fields and orchards.

Further savings can be found by eliminating luxury items like cable television and expensive weight bench equipment. TV time will now be replaced by reading and creative arts to expand the mind instead of bulking up all that braun. Aerobics and yoga will be used to stay healthy and relaxation techniques will help reduce the levels of anger in our prisons.

The final steps to reduce cost may be a bit hard for some to swallow, but hear me out before you decide. The biggest problem we have is overcrowded facilities and this could be resolved if we would stop housing death row inmates for years on end. With the advances in science and DNA proven cases, there should be very little doubt of a persons guilt, therefore a death sentence equals automatic death penalty. No more years of appeals cases, no more lawyers pulling strings. After sentencing you get one year to prove your innocence and if nothing is found after that time, then get in the chair because your ride is over. This policy should also apply to receivers of multiple life sentences and life without parolers. If you are never going to see the light of day again for the crimes you have commited than that's it for you. Capital crimes should result in the loss of the right to be a part of society. Act like a dangerous animal and get put down like a dangerous animal, quick and painless.


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