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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chiefs Roster Cuts 2011

This has to be a tough day for Chiefs coaches, it's always hard to fire someone. If you've never had to do it, you should consider yourself lucky because there is no easy way to take someone's job, life goal and dream away in a short meeting. But the Kansas City Chiefs must make roster cuts to get their roster down from 80 players to 53 by 5pm today.

So far, the Chiefs roster cuts include:

OL Chris Harr, Safety Reshard Langford, Linebacker Micah Johnson, Linebacker Pierre Walters, Guard Mike Ingersoll, Fullback Shane Bannon, and Tight End Charlie Gantt, Nose Tackle Harold Ayodele, Linebacker Justin Cole, Fullback Mike Cox, Defensive Tackle Dion Gales, Defensive Tackle Bobby Greenwood, Offensive Guard Darryl Harris, Wide Receiver Jeremy Horne, Linebacker Amara Kamara, Wide Receiver Quinten Lawrence, Offensive Guard Butch Lewis, Wide Receiver Zeke Markshausen, Tackle David Mims, Defensive End Luke Patterson, Defensive Back Ricky Price, Tight End Cody Slate, Nose Tackle Anthony Toribio, Wide Receiver Verran Tucker, Linebacker Pierre Walters, and Defensive Back Demond Washington.

Also, Tony Moeaki and Linebacker Gabe Miller have been placed on injured reserves.

This completes the Chiefs roster cuts for 2011.


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