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Monday, December 6, 2010

Chiefs Win, Control AFC West

The Chiefs Defense came up big time and time again on Sunday to beat the Broncos 10-6. No, it wasn't pretty, but a win is a win. That coupled with a Raiders upset at San Diego have the Chiefs in control of the AFC West. The Chiefs kept it interesting all day with their inability to score (or lack of foresight to kick the field goal in a tight game.) Penalties really hurt the Chiefs offense all day long as well as a very stingy Denver defense, particularly in the passing game. Dwayne Bowe was held catchless by Champ Bailey and others as he was double-teamed all day. Matt Cassel was again efficient going 17-13 for 196 yards and a TD (again no INTs - and 158 consecutive passes without an interception). Jamaal Charles was steady with 116 yards rushing. The return to action of Dexter McCluster was a much needed boost. He had a couple of catches.

The real story for the Chiefs in this one was the Defense. They were excellent. Brandon Carr, especially, but the whole secondary gave Orton fits. The Denver quarterback was just 9-28 on the day, OUCH! Tamba Hali had two sacks, one of which he forced a fumble and recovered it (Derrick Thomas Style).

San Diego's unexpected loss to the Raiders give the Chiefs a 2 game lead in the division. A win next week in San Diego would all but clinch it (barring the Raiders winning out). Whatever happens, it sure is good to play meaningful games in December, watching the scoreboard to see what other teams are doing, in short, it's just good to care again.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Chiefs - AFC West Standings - 2010

Kansas City Chiefs and the AFC West Standings - Good News!

Hey, it's Monday and we need some good news Chiefs fans.  Well, here it is:

EVERYONE in the AFC West lost on Sunday.  The Raiders fell to the 49ers, The Broncos fell to Jets, and the Chargers (who everyone thinks are so great) lost to the friggin' RAMS!  On a side note, the Chargers are also 0-2 in the division, which is bad.

With a winning percentage of .666, the Chiefs are in great shape against a division that is all even at .333 after the Chiefs.  The Chiefs are also 3rd in the NFL in points allowed at 92 - not bad.  Don't despair Chiefs fans, our division sucks!


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