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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kyle Orton Not Starting Palko Starts vs Bears

Todd Haley looks like he's been rode hard and put away wet, we've seen heroin addicts with more spunk and inspiring speech pathology. Haley has been getting pounded with the same question over and over in the past few days; who will you start vs the Bears on Sunday? The answer comes out as quickly as the question - "our starter is still Tyler Palko", and though we did pick up Kyle Orton he will remain the third or fourth option at quarterback for the lowly Chiefs. Tyler Palko has a career passer rating of 50.1, has thrown ZERO touchdowns in the NFL and has thrown 6 interceptions. Palko is easily the worst quarterback in the NFL, and Chiefs fans are baffled as to why he would remain the starting quarterback in the second half of an NFL season that is clearly all over for the Kansas City Chiefs.

By this time the only people who are paying attention to Chiefs news are the hard core Chiefs fans who watch the team's every move no matter how poorly the team is performing. Though not as sad as Royals fans who have to sit through a grueling 162 game season with a losing team who's owners will spend no money to improve the team, the Chiefs fans only have to suffer through 17 weeks of watching an underfunded team struggle against the current that is the NFL. Though it would seem that the Chiefs stand a better chance of going into history as world champions each year, it is actually the Royals who have won the championship most recently in 1985. The Chiefs haven't gone all the way since 1970, and do not look like they are going to return any time soon.

I remember a time in Kansas City when you never saw a Chiefs game turned on anyone's TV, but you always saw people tuning in to watch the Royals. Growing up in the 80's I don't even remember anyone EVER watching a Chiefs game. The first time that I became aware of who the Chiefs even were was when the Kansas City Police used to hand out Chiefs Cards to us kids (looking back it makes me wonder who's idea that was??). The Royals were so popular in Kansas City that people even listened to the game on transistor radios, sitting in lawn chairs in the driveway when the game wasn't televised.

The Chiefs are clearly the most popular sports team in Kansas City right now, but that can only be attributed to the fact that NFL football is just simply more fun to watch than baseball in general. HD television, increased advertising revenue, and perhaps a more violent society has contributed to the popularity of the NFL (now that would make a good topic for a thesis, "how a more violent society has led to the increased popularity of the NFL" - go ahead and use that one students if you need a topic). The Chiefs Tailgate parties are also a huge reason for the team's dedicated fan base, and the Chiefs invest a lot of money to insure that the tailgate parties flourish and that the Chiefs fans have a reason to keep renewing their season tickets each year even though the team cannot compete in the NFL.

The Chiefs look like they are probably going to end up going 5-11, or maybe 6-10. The defense looks decent, but with Tyler Palko at the helm they are in trouble. Kyle Orton might be able to bring something to the table, but without blocking up front, and Orton's lack of scrambling ability, he may not put up good numbers either. If you've even read this far into this article I commend you on your support of the flailing Kansas City Chiefs, or maybe you are just spacing off at work again...

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