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Friday, May 11, 2012

Dallas Clark Signs With Buccaneers - Kansas City News

Although it has not been officially announced, different sources have reported that Dallas Clark has signed with theTampa Bay Buccaneers.  This move makes a lot of sense as Tampa's starting tight end Kellen Winslow has been told that "his services are no longer needed" in Tampa Bay.

We were excited to learn that Dallas had made a visit to Kansas City and that he may possibly land here, but we spoke too soon and it looks like Dallas is headed to the Buccaneers instead.  Sorry Chiefs fans!  Here was our original article (that we had strong feelings but were eventually wrong about):

Dallas Clark's best friends is Chiefs O Lineman Ryan Lilja.  Clark and Lilja bonded when they played together in Indianapolis, where they won a Super Bowl together.  Dal las Clark makes frequent trips to Kansas City anyway to visit Lilja, so it is probable that Ryan Lilja had a little pull in getting Dallas Clark on the Chiefs roster.  We have had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Dallas and his wife at recent parties and we find him to be very personable and down to earth.

After floating around in free agency for months, Dallas Clark was amazingly unsigned by anyone, even after his incredible career as a tight end.  Clark comes to the Chiefs with 4887 career receiving yards and 46 touchdowns, more than any receiving member of the current team.  It is not clear what Dallas Clark's role will be as the Chiefs already have two starting quality tight ends in Kevin Boss and Tony Moeaki, but adding another great leader to the team who happens to be wearing a Super Bowl ring sure can't hurt.

The Kansas City Chiefs are looking to beef up their running offense and their defense in the off season.  Although Dallas Clark is known for more of a receiving tight end than a blocking tight end, the Chiefs focus will remain on the running game despite the signing of Dallas Clark.  It makes sense for the Chiefs to have a lot of short out receiving options as starting quarterback Matt Cassel is notorious for his lack of long ball throwing ability.  Since Cassel has difficulty getting the ball down the field on long passes, it makes sense to bring in players like Kevin Boss and Dallas Clark so that they can run successful short passing routes that Matt Cassel is more likely to complete.  So, with that in mind, it looks like the Chiefs have a strong running attack with blocking that remains to be seen, a lot of short pass options, and a beefed up defense, who already played quite well last season.

We will expect an official announcement of Dallas Clark signing with The Kansas City Chiefs tomorrow morning.  Many Chiefs season ticket holders have had their eye on Dallas Clark in the past two weeks and now it seems that the Chiefs management are going to make them happy - if only in the short term.

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