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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chiefs Home Opener 2011 Bills

Our Kansas City Chiefs are poised and ready for the home opener on September 11th, 2011 at Arrowhead Stadium vs the Buffalo Bills. Although we a short one valuable tight end in Tony Moeaki, the Chiefs have yet to give us a real taste of what they have been working toward in the short off season and preseason. Of course we know that Jamaal Charles is going to get the ball early, but will the opposing defenses be keying so hard on him that it causes him to struggle, or God forbid fumble the ball several times. The Chiefs are looking to Thomas Jones to take some of the heat off of Charles as well as a shiny new passing attack line up in Steve Breaston and Jonathan Baldwin. Cassel, though not so keen on the long ball, will hopefully pass well enough to keep the chains moving, after all, he is the highest paid back up quarterback in the league.

On Sunday, September 11th, the NFL will honor the anniversary of this historic day 10 years ago when the twin towers were attacked in NYC. There should be a lot of chests swelling and an overall National sense of pride that takes over Arrowhead Stadium just before the game kicks off at 12 noon and hopefully the crowd at Arrowhead can help fuel the Chiefs drive towards success. There are a lot of great new things to look at and do at the new stadium including the Hy-Vee Quad, where local favorite band The KC All Stars will be performing. For some members there is also the Founder's Club where they will be featuring entertainment from Spike Blake from the dueling pianos fame. There are also numerous new display cases and monuments to Chiefs history, just be sure and get back to your seat before the fly over!

The Chiefs home opener 2011 vs. the Bills will be a day that we will remember for years to come.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Chiefs Home Opener 2011 Bills

The Kansas City Chiefs preseason is a little different than other NFL team's preseason - if you haven't been able to tell that already. But that will all be over soon and September 11th, 2011 will be upon us and the Chiefs home opener against the Buffalo Bills will be happening at Arrowhead Stadium.

The anticipation level for the Kansas City Chiefs hasn't been this high since the 90's, and Jamaal Charles is being gobbled up by fantasy football owners in the first round. Even Madden NFL 12 has given the Chiefs an admirable boost in player ratings this season.

Although not as exciting as last year's Chiefs home opener on Monday night vs. the Chargers, the 2011 Chiefs home opener will be Kansas City's first look at the real 2011 Kansas City Chiefs and what game plan they have in store for their more difficult 2011 schedule. There is no doubt that the Chiefs plan to implement more of a dependable and productive passing game, drafting Jonathan Baldwin in the first round and picking up Steve Breaston in the off season. We're all hoping that Matt Cassel is up to the task and can keep the heat off the running game that should carry us deep into the playoffs this year.

The home opener at Arrowhead on Sunday September 11th will get us back in full football mode with an air force fly-by, The KC All Stars performing on the main stage, a great new stadium to enjoy, and most of all, a good day to be a Kansas City Chiefs fan. See you there!


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