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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chiefs Fall To Rams, 31-17

After a hot start to their preseason, the Chiefs looked sloppy last night in a 31-17 loss to the lowly St. Louis Rams. Kansas City's defense struggled, giving up two quick touchdowns against the Rams' first-string offense and 17 total first half points.

The defensive performance has to be worrisome for Chief fans. Kansas City gave up a quick touchdown on St. Louis' opening possession, then allowed the Rams to score only a few minutes later after a costly Jonathan Baldwin fumble. The Rams, who were one of the worst offensive teams in all of football last year, gained 151 yards in the first quarter alone. The Chiefs' D looked great against Arizona, but the Cardinals have some of the worst quarterback play in the league. The Chiefs have a very talented defense, and they are missing their best cornerback, so this may have simply just been a random poor showing.

Offensively, Kansas City didn't fare much better. Cassel played the entire first half, and he put up decent numbers as the Chiefs mustered 10 points. However, turnovers plagued the team all night, as the Chiefs committed four turnovers - three of them fumbles. With the Rams' offensive clicking early, the turnovers proved to be the difference in the game. The team's backups didn't play very well either, as the Chiefs only score in the second half came late in the game, when Brady Quinn hit Jeremy Horne for a 38 yard touchdown.

Many have predicted the Rams to make some improvements this season under new head coach Jeff Fisher, and St. Louis looked sharp last night after getting blown out by the Colts in their first preseason game. The facts are what they are, however, and St. Louis is coming off a dismal 2-14 season in which they averaged 12 points a game. Hopefully this loss will get the attention of the Chiefs' younger players and will help the team get focused with the regular season only a couple weeks away.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Recap Of The Chiefs 2012 Undrafted Free Agent Signings - Kansas City News

The 2012 NFL draft has come and gone, yet the Chiefs have been busy adding more rookies to their roster recently by signing 15 undrafted free agents. Not only does Kansas City get an opportunity to find a potential diamond in the rough, but undrafted free agents provide excellent competition in camp. As history has shown, several players currently on the Chiefs’ roster have needed a bit of a kick in the rear during camp in the past- Kansas City News

Building through the NFL draft is essential to constructing a championship team, yet undrafted free agents play a bigger role than most realize. Two seasons ago, the Packers were hit hard by injuries and relied heavily on several undrafted free agents while making their run to a championship. Other top organizations, such as New England, are notorious for stockpiling depth and talent with UFAs. - Kansas City News

The following is a full list of the players Kansas City has signed:

WR Josh Bellamy, Louisville

TE Tim Biere, Kansas

DB Neiko Thorpe, Auburn

DE Ethan Johnson, Notre Dame

RB Nate Eachus, Colgate

DB Jean Fanor, Bethune Cookham

FB Taylor Gentry, North Carolina State

DB Tysyn Hartman, Kansas State

LB Dexter Heyman, Louisville

OL Cam Holland, North Carolina

DB Chandler Fenner, Holy Cross

OL Justin Cheadle, California

WR Brandon Kinnie, Nebraska

DB Terrance Parks, Florida State

K Matt Szymanski, SMU

The Chiefs nabbed quite a few defensive backs, including former K-State standout Tysyn Hartman. Also keep an eye on Parks, who had a very productive career at Florida State. Kansas City could use some improved depth at safety, and one of the incoming DBs could very well be suiting up for the Chiefs sometime this fall. - Kansas City News

Another local name Chiefs fans might recognize is Tim Biere, formerly of the Kansas Jayhawks. Biere has shown a lot of talent, but got lost in the shuffle during the offensive horror that was the Turner Gill regime. With Tony Moeaki returning from a season-ending injury and some inconsistency with the other TEs on the roster, don’t be surprised to see Biere make the team.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chiefs Roster Moves 2012 Free Agency Draft Picks

Most Kansas City sports writers are basically writing updates, assuming that we already know about what happened the week before this, or the week before that. Well, here at Kansas City News, we're going to do you a favor that those half assed sports writers refuse to do, and that's give you a full recap. This week, some top analysts talked about all of the Kansas City Chiefs roster moves, free agency pick ups, and possible 2012 NFL Draft picks for the Chiefs. So here it is, Chiefs fans, a complete wrap up by the NFL's top source:

On what free agents the Chiefs are still looking at: Jerricho Cotchery, the WR from the Steelers, is visiting with them today. They like him and want to add a veteran WR so I think a deal is possible.

On whether Matt Cassel is good enough to take the Chiefs all the way: The Chiefs are building around their defense and their running game. If the Chiefs are as strong in those areas as they think they will be, then I do believe Cassel is good enough to get the Chiefs to another division title. Getting them deep in the playoffs is another matter.

On why the Chiefs didn't get Peyton Manning: The Chiefs never got in the game with Manning. Basically, they told him they wanted in and he told them, as well as some other teams, that he wasn't interested.

On whether the Chiefs will pick up a Nose Tackle in the 2012 NFL Draft: It's starting to look that way. That's their one remaining pressing need. But the Chiefs also have the luxury more than other teams of drafting best available player. They can find a NT elsewhere

On who the Chiefs have yet to pick up: A veteran WR, like Cotchery. Maybe some backups that they like. They'll still sign some more players but I think at this point, with possible exception of a NT, they'll all be backups.

On the Chiefs drafting Luke Kuelchy in the 2012 NFL Draft: With Johnson and Belcher, the Chiefs are OK at ILB. But with their moves in free agency, they have the flexibility to draft him or any other player they like. That one wouldn't surprise me at all.

On whether or not the Chiefs will see the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football in 2012: Schedule should be out in April and it will be interesting to see how that works out. Would think that would be one of the more attractive games on Denver's schedule as far as TV goes.

On the recovery of Jamaal Charles, Tony Moeaki and Eric Berry from their ACL injuries: The Chiefs are saying they will be. Those injuries, generally speaking, are nine-month injuries so that would put them all back by June, if it holds in their cases.

On who will be the Chiefs fullback in 2012: Looks like Hillis will do some of that. I can see him spending a lot of time in the same backfield with Charles or McCluster. Chiefs could also sign or draft a fullback.

On whether or not the Chiefs have the best players in the AFC West for 2012: Since free agency isn't over and the draft is more than a month away, it's too early to say. But they've got to at least be contenders in that regard. If Berry, Charles and Moeaki are healthy, I think I would take their lineup over anyone else's in the division.

On the Chiefs quarterback situation in 2012: I don't think Orton would have been a huge upgrade over Cassel. If the Chiefs surround either one with a strong defense and a strong running game, he should be able to win. That's the type of QB those guys are. As far as the rest of the Chiefs' QBs, they Chiefs are deeper with Quinn and Stanzi than they've been in a long time. I realize that's not saying much.

On whether or not the Chiefs should beef up on DBs just because Peyton Manning is in the AFC: I don't know they need to bring in an extra CB just for two games a year. Flowers is one of the better CBs in the league. The Chiefs seem to like Routt. We'll see how he works out.

On whether the Chiefs will take a quarterback in the 2012 NFL Draft: It's possible. Since they have no pressing needs other than NT, they have the flexibility to take a guy if one is there that they'd like. Makes a lot of sense to me. Cassel is still trying to establish himself. If he doesn't get that done this year, the Chiefs are going to need a new starting QB. Quinn is on a one-year contract. So it wouldn't surprise me. It's not Pioli's style to trade the farm for anyone, so they won't be making any bold moves like Washington made trading up to get RG3 (rookie black "shimmy and move, shuck and jive and then throw the ball quarterback" who's nickname is an idiotic RG3). That's why I think it makes sense that this is the year they draft a QB. If Cassel fails this year, you have a guy on hand to replace him. If Cassel turns out to be the guy, then you've got a QB you can trade. - Kansas City News note: Cassel will NOT be the guy...EVER.

On the Chiefs "ghetto fabulous" and not so bright wide receiver Dwayne Bowe: No, I think they'll keep him. They need him. Imagine what their receiving group looks like without him. Hard to say whether they can get a long-term deal done but I would think a holdout is possible.

On what the new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll will bring to the Chiefs in 2012: The Chiefs will probably do a lot of different things. But it will be based on the running game. In their perfect world, I think they'd like to give it to Hillis and to Charles 20 times a game.

On how much cap room the Chiefs have and what they will do with it in 2012: Yes, about $15 million as of now. They'll need about $6-8 million of cap space for rookies, in my estimation. So they have some room left. But you bring up a good point: They will save some of it to try to re-sign Albert, Dorsey and, if he plays on the one-year contract, Bowe. That's something Pioli likes to do.

On what the Chiefs plans are for star offensive lineman Ryan Lilja: Yes, I think he will be a starter this year. Let's see what happens in the draft but my guess is Lilja starts this year. They seem to be happy with where the line is right now with Albert and Winston and T, Lilja and Asamoah at G and Hudson at C. They do need some backups, though.

On the Chiefs beefed up receiving crew - is it a waste of roster space and cap dollars? Not at all. They'll throw the ball. If they don't get some big pass plays, they won't score enough points. But this thing will be built around defense and the running game. They won't be asking Cassel to win a lot of games for them. They will ask him to lose none.

Is Routt as good as Carr? Judging from the contracts they got, no. Carr got $10 million a year, Routt about $6.
Losing Carr gives a fragile feel to KC's defense, in my opinion. But that doesn't mean Routt can't be good enough to help the Chiefs win.

Crennel vs. Haley: Haley did some good things but he was a bad fit with Pioli and his volatility wasn't good for the Chiefs. Crennel is about the most stable coach there is and I think that reliability will be exactly what the Chiefs need right now.

On drafting Fletcher Cox in the 2012 NFL Draft: Dorsey's contract is up after this year and Jackson will carry a huge number but it;s not unsustainable. Salary cap should rise significantly next year. No position would be a huge surprise to me for the Chiefs at this point. They have few pressing needs, so they could go in a lot of directions, including DE.

On the chances of Tebow landing in Kansas City, maybe just to sell tickets: No. You don't make trades to sell tickets. That's always a mistake. You make trades to win games and I don't see how Tebow helps them do that. Besides, the Broncos wouldn't send him here in a million years. - Kansas City News Note: Absolutely not, we don't want "God Boy" in here anyway.

On the Chiefs chances in the AFC West in 2012: Look at this division. Mediocre teams won it the last two years. With Manning in Denver, it looks like it will be improved next year but still, winnable to the team that makes the most improvements. Right now, the Chiefs might be winning that race, even including Manning to Denver.

The Kansas City Chiefs - Reports on Chiefs and AFC West

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