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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Colts Losing on Purpose Suck for Luck

Is there any doubt that the Indianapolis Colts are losing on purpose so that they can get the first round draft pick? Why is no one calling them out on this in the NFL media? The owner, the head coach, and a few other key members of the Colts management are throwing games on purpose. Obviously the players could not be "in" on the plan because they could not be asked to make mistakes intentionally, as it would hurt their statistics and future value. But here at Kansas City News, we're going to tell you how an NFL team throws games without letting the players in on it:

Play calling. It's as simple as that - play calling. The Colts are calling plays that will guarantee failure. Running plays up the middle that have absolutely no chance of gaining yards are the Colts staple plays this season. Every once in awhile a running back will break out of the pack, but believe me, this is NOT by design. The running back simply gets a break and takes advantage. Watch the Indianapolis Colts play calling and notice these hopeless runs into traffic. As for the passing, you might notice that Reggie Wayne has only been targeted less than 10 times in over 3 games. That is very interesting considering that he used to be Peyton Manning's number 1 or number 2 look on any passing play last season. Curtis Painter is only given the green light to throw up a few long passes, but mostly he is called upon by his coach to throw little dink and dunk passes to receivers who are running short routes.

Other ways the Indianapolis Colts are losing on purpose for the first round draft pick include defensive calling. The defense of the Colts are not blitzing. In previous seasons, opposing teams would be treated with the one - two punch pass rush of Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney.
Not the case this season, since star quarterback Peyton Manning went out for the season or possibly for good, the Colts defense are playing a very generic 3-4 defense and are simply not stopping their opponents.

The Colts are not necessarily losing on purpose to get upcoming quarterback Andrew Luck, they are just losing on purpose to get the first pick, which they may choose to trade to another team for more draft picks or to use as leverage to another means. The Colts are playing dirty pool and if you can't see that, then you probably can't see the nose on your face either.

Uh oh, it recently came to out attention that some people feel that the owners and coaches would not put their players in a position that my result in injuries. Yeah, right, do you really think that the Indianapolis Colts would let any of their star players get injured? And do you think that they care about any non-star players that get injured - uh, no. Dismiss that thought immediately, they are losing on purpose, period.


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