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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Community Gardens in Kansas City Prairie Village

Here's a refreshing new idea that a few people in the Kansas City area have come up with, Community Gardens. It reminds us older folks of the old Victory Gardens that Americans cultivated during World War I and again during World War II (I guess they skipped Korea and Vietnam for some reason). The new community gardens in Kansas City, Prairie Village, Overland Park, Leawood and other kc neighborhoods will inspire people who live in the same neighborhoods to meet and work together on a project that will serve the community as a whole. People from their own neighborhoods can get together and plant vegetables, fruits and even flowers if they like in an effort to bring a sense of togetherness and productivity to the neighborhood.

Community garden benefits are great indeed as they give neighborhood dwellers a sense of accomplishment, charity and good old fashioned hard work. The gardens will inspire those with sedentary lives to get out of the house and out from in front of the TV to go out and participate in something that will provide healthy produce, and develop good relationships with their neighbors. Community gardens have also proven to reduce the waste of fossil fuels in communities since it cuts down slightly on having to drive to the store. Several community gardens are erupting in the Kansas City area, Prairie Village, Leawood, Overland Park and other Kansas City neighborhoods. To find out where the nearest community garden is to you, contact your homes association president, or you can visit the Kansas City community garden Facebook page at

The fact that Kansas City and surrounding neighborhoods are beginning to embark on raising
community gardens is a wonderful sign that Kansas City is starting to come together as a
community and provide food for ourselves instead of relying on trucks and big corporations
to spoon feed us our food. These community gardens should get more people together as
friends and neighbors while providing a worthy cause to their immediate sectors. Food
grown in the gardens can be consumed by the community or they can be donated to charity
organizations like Harvesters, etc.

Community gardens are one of the best ideas that we here at Kansas City News have heard
of in a long time. Good on ya!

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