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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Morning Rush Hour - Kansas City

Morning Rush Hour in Kansas City
by Kansas City News

I have owned my own business since 1996 when I retired from the accounting business.  I have not seen a morning rush hour in Kansas City since.  All I can say is - WOW - you guys are freaking crazy!  Cut-throat dashing and slashing in traffic - rude cutoffs, horn blowing and giving the finger.  And then you pull into the Quik Trip parking lot - a feat that requires at least 3 years of NASCAR driving school.  Then you get into Quik Trip and line up at the Holy Alter - the QuikTrip coffee machine.  Oh, the Quik Trip coffee has to have massive amounts of CRACK in it to be this popular.  Are you kidding me?

I was impressed to see that there was still some polite door holding for folks and a general good attitude.  But DUDE, you morning rush hour people are hauling ass!  Everything is quick and to the point and I must say that I am generally impressed.  I understand now why I get messages from my clients at 8:47am with such urgency and then when I go to answer their questions and respond around 4pm they are much more laid back.  The coffee buzz has run it's course and they are ready to be home with the wife and kids.

I admire you, oh morning rush hour tweakers - crackheads have NOTHING on you guys - you are the real tweakers.  Running your own business is VERY stressful, but that morning rush upon the city is a miracle to behold, and I congratulate all of you who can function at that insane level.


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