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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Crypto Pool Closings in Johnson County

Once again this year there has been an outbreak of the disgusting protozoan organism cryptosporidium, otherwise known as "Crypto", and Johnson County has ordered the closing of several public swimming pools until they can be super chlorinated. Most swimming pools in Johnson County have already closed and reopened but a few are still closing as a precaution.

Crypto, or Cryptosporidiosis is typically an acute short-term infection but can become severe and non-resolving in children and immunocompromised individuals. In humans, it remains in the lower intestine and may remain for up to five weeks.[citation needed] The parasite is transmitted by environmentally hardy cysts (oocysts) that, once ingested, excyst in the small intestine and result in an infection of intestinal epithelial tissue.

Life Time Fitness closed their pool today to super chlorinate but reopened at 12pm. The swimming pool at Indian Trails in Lenexa is closing as a precaution but will reopen soon.

Crypto is a nasty beast of an illness if you contract it, so our advice would be to stay out of the public Johnson County pools, or any public pools for that matter, until the warnings pass.


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