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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UFO Sightings Kansas City - New Kansas City News

UFO Photo by Joe McKay
More Video Cameras / Phones = More Proof of UFO Reality
by Kansas City News

As a firm non-believer in UFOs for most of my adult life, I have recently watched a few great documentaries that have tipped the scales in the other direction.  UFO sitings were always a topic reserved for science fiction geeks and the like, but since the general public now has more access to video and photo equipment in an "on the spot" format (cell phones, etc.) the UFO sitings have been pouring in as of late.

If you haven't seen it already, and you have NetFlix (which is an AWESOME program by the way), then you should definitely check out Dan Aykroyd's documentary on UFOs and how the world will soon be forced to publicly release information about UFOs in order to further our education on this topic...if nothing else, for our own safety.  According to Aykroyd in this documentary, it is only a matter of time before a UFO appears at a large enough gathering of people (rock concert, sporting event, etc) that will witness a UFO sighting together and validate this phenomenon.  The Mexican government released some pretty good videos of a UFO sighting in 2005, and to make the UFO case even stronger many former US astronauts have come forward with UFO encounters that they had while traveling in outer space on various voyages and missions.  Several credited and famous astronauts (among them Gordon Cooper) have claimed that UFOs have "followed" their missions in outer space and an increasing amount of video footage has come out recently proving their statements.  Gordon Cooper claims that a group of UFOs in "military formation" followed one of his flight missions, flying directly next to Cooper's plane and even "immitating" his movements - and then showing off with some of their own moves.  Many believe that the US Government designed the B-52 Stealth Bomber based on their study of documented UFO photos and possibly even recovered wreckage.

Most UFO researchers believe that the US Government has definite proof of the existence of UFOs and possibly even recovered UFO wreckage in storage, hidden from the general public.  I have to believe that these claims are true, and with everyone in the US walking around with video and photo recording devices such as cell phones I believe that UFOs will become a future topic of discussion, at the least.


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