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Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year's Eve KC 2023 / 2024 - Kansas City New Year's Eve Events

It's hard to believe but another year has zipped past us and 2023 / 2024 will soon be history. New Year's Eve in KC will fall on a Sunday night this year and we will ring in the new year of 2024 with many parties, celebrations, events and get togethers. At KCMB News we have the scoop on some of the hottest New Year's Eve 2023 events in Kansas City, and would like to share just a few with all of you!

The days of the giant New Year's Eve parties have died off a little bit, the large black tie galas are almost a thing of the past. Today, more people in Kansas City prefer to spend New Year's Eve at more local parties, nightclubs, and celebrations close to home, rather than risk driving on one of the most dangerous nights of the year to be out driving around. There are many events happening on New Year's Eve KC 2023 and some of the top parties on the list include:

New Year's Eve KC 2023 Major Event: The Power and Light District - Dueling Pianos
This year the P&L downtown will feature one of the greatest Kansas City dueling pianos acts in the Nation, and the party will be going nonstop all night long. Dueling pianos has grown extremely popular in the Kansas City area and on New Year's Eve in KC 2023, they will be kicking up a storm down at the Power and Light District.


New Year's Eve Kc 2023 Major Event:  The Dave Stephens Swing Orchestra @ The Kill Devil Club
Hailing from Los Angeles, California, one of the hottest show bands in the Nation, The Dave Stephens Band will be performing at the swank new Kill Devil Club at 61 East 14th Street in downtown Kansas City. For more information on the Dave Stephens Band New Year's Eve KC 2023 celebration, call 816-588-1132.

Are you having an event you would like posted?  If so, visit our New Year's Eve KC 2013 site to enter your event information.  Thank you, and have a safe NYE Kansas City!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nightlife Events in Kansas City April 20th April 21st April 22nd Friday and Saturday - Kansas City News

There are a lot of things to do this weekend in Kansas City, charity events, sports events, and assorted nightlife, so here at Kansas City News we thought that we would bring you up to speed:

Kansas City Charity Event
The Dream Factory Annual Gala
When:  Friday, April 20th
Where:  Starlight Theatre
What:  The Dream Factory is a Kansas City charity organization that donates "dreams" to children with life threatening illnesses.  The Dream Factory Gala is a formal attire gala that gathers annually to support the charity and to award "dreams" to various recipients.  Highlights for this year's gala include an appearance by our good friend Larry Moore, and a performance by The Dave Stephens Band from Los Angeles, CA.

Kansas City Royals
Royals Home Game - Fireworks Friday!
When:  Friday, April 20th
Where:  Kauffman Stadium
What:  On Fireworks Friday the struggling Kansas City Royals will take on the Toronto Blue Jays.  The starting pitcher for the boys in blue will be Luke Hochevar (1-1, 7.84 ERA).  The Blue Jays starter will be Kyle Drabek, who has been red hot with a 1.03 WHIP and a 2-0 record with 12.2 innings pitched. C'mon Royals!  Let's get some wins here.

Kansas City Charity Event
The Gillis Spirit Awards Annual Gala
When:  Friday, April 20th
Where:  The Sheraton Crown Center (formerly The Hyatt Regency)
What:  The Gillis Spirit Awards is the annual formal gala held by Kansas City's Gillis Center, one of Kansas City's oldest charity organizations.  Highlights for this year's gala will include the presentation of the Sprit Awards for 2011 and a performance by The KC All Stars.

Camping World Truck Series SPF 250
When:  Saturday, April 21st
Where:  The Kansas Speedway
What:  Just when you thought NASCAR couldn't get anymore redneck, The Camping World Truck Series has replaced the Busch auto race on Saturday at NASCAR Kansas Speedway with a pickup truck race.  Yes, we said it, it's a pickup truck race.  On Saturday, you can pay $99 to go watch some tricked out racing trucks zoom around the track in the Camping World Truck Series.  Awesome.

Kansas City Nightlife
Dolewite in Concert
When:  Friday, April 20th
Where:  The Landing in Liberty (recently taken over by the owners of The Brooksider)
What:  Dolewite is one of Kansas City's hottest new bands, performing all of your favorite hits from the 90's.  Their playlist is based in 90's hip hop, not 90's grunge rock, and they will be welcomed warmly in the Northland, where they love their white trash rock!

Sprint Cup Series STP 400 Race
When:  Sunday, April 22nd
Where:  The Kansas Speedway
What:  The grand finale of Kansas City events will come on Sunday afternoon with the Sprint Cup Series.  Greg Biffle is leading the current Sprint Cup Series and will look to keep his lead on Sunday at the Kansas Speedway when rural Coor's light drinkers will gather to watch cars go in a circle for 3 + hours.  Without a doubt, America's most amazing sport, NASCAR races attract only the highest society members and black tie attire is recommended.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dream Factory Gala Event 2012 at Starlight Theatre

One of Kansas City's purest and most respected charity groups, Larry Moore's "The Dream Factory" will hold it's annual Gala at Starlight Theatre on April 20th, 2012. The Dream Factory is a volunteer driven charity that works to make dreams come true for children who have been diagnosed with life threatening illness and disabilities. Each year, several of these children are given the chance to live out their "dream", and the Dream Factory does it's best to make those dreams happen for the child.

This year's 2012 Gala at Starlight Theatre will feature a casual cocktail hour, followed by a delectable sit down dinner that will feature a film showing all of the dreams that came true in 2011 for the children. The dinner will be followed by our famous live auction and a guest appearance by KMBC-TV's Larry Moore. The delightful evening will be topped off with entertainment straight from Los Angeles, California in the form of The Dave Stephens Swing Orchestra, provided by Adam Blue Productions. Dave Stephens was featured in last year's lighting of the Plaza Lights performing "Zat You Santa Clause" and has been a jazz legend for over 2 decades. Guaranteed to get you out on the dance floor, the Dream Factory Gala 2012 will be a magical and rewarding night that will benefit many children who could use a "dream".

Tickets are $100 per person and are available at the Dream Factory website at Sponsorship packages are also available for larger groups and companies that wish to donate. The Dream Factory Gala is a Kansas City charity event that you will not want to miss! A beautiful night out under the stars at Starlight Theatre, a great dinner, superstar entertainment by Dave Stephens and all for a great cause. We will see you there!

The Dream Factory Gala Event 2012 at Starlight Theatre will support the goals of this great Kansas City charity which include:
  • Create smiles on the faces of children who are either seriously or chronically ill
  • Promote a better family atmosphere during a time of great suffering
  • Involve the whole country in the pleasure of granting dreams to children in need of a little ray of sunshine in their lives
  • Locate children who are seriously or chronically ill and insure that their dreams come true
  • Raise the funds necessary to provide these dreams whenever the need arises, and never be forced to refuse any child’s request due to the lack of funds
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jardine's Jazz Club in Kansas City Bad Checks

As many of you know by now, Jardine's jazz nightclub on the Plaza in Kansas City abruptly closed their doors last weekend and pulled the rug out from under 15 employees and at least two musical acts that were scheduled to perform that weekend. One of the bands, The Dave Stephens Swing Orchestra was scheduled to perform 2 shows on Saturday, and were called at the last minute with a message that the entire staff at Jardine's had been fired and there would be no one available to work the shows. Jardine's proceeded to close the establishment entirely, putting a note on the door that they were "closed for repairs". The note later changed to say that Jardine's would be reopening on December 14th, and that the Kansas City bands booked to perform would go on as scheduled.

Since this happened, several former Jardine's employees are coming forward with their versions of the story, most of them claiming that the owner of Jardine's, Beena Johnson is an alcoholic and a cocaine abuser and has been screwing employees out of their pay for years as well as using mental and physical abuse on them. Former Jardine's employee "Stevie" and another employee who came forward today "Laura" says that Beena physically abused them and held back their pay for weeks at a time.

The latest breaking news from our sources at Kansas City News is from band leader Dave Stephens, who's show was cancelled suddenly last Friday night at Jardine's. Dave has come forward and told us that a check that was written to pay him for his band's performance during Thanksgiving week was bad and that Jardine's had put a stop payment on the check. Dave claims that he is out $3000.00 and that he had already paid all of his band members for the show, leaving him holding the bad check. This should be a stern warning to all Kansas City bands who are thinking of performing at the new Jardine's if it reopens with it's former management, even if you get a check from them, it doesn't mean that it's any good! If you are going to perform at Jardine's, you need to get your fee in CASH, up front, before you play a single note.

I can imagine that the media will be swarming Jardine's on December 14th if they decide to open their doors to the public, as the management has yet to return any phone calls to any of us.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jardines KC Jazz Club Closed Likely Permanently

On Saturday afternoon we received a notice from our good friend Dave Stephens from the Dave Stephens Band warning his fans not to show up to his performance that night that was scheduled to be at Jardines Jazz Club in Kansas City near the Plaza. Dave said that Jardines had fired their entire staff with no advance notice on Saturday or perhaps on Friday. Currently, there is a sign on the door that says "closed for repairs", but according to several inside sources Jardines is closed for good.

It's hard to imagine the circumstances that may have surrounded the closing of Jardine's, but it had to have been something out of the ordinary due to the "sudden death" manner in which it closed. To hear that the entire staff was suddenly fired is proof that something was rotten at Jardine's, and to cancel a show on Dave Stephens at the last minute when they know that he flies all the way in from his home in Los Angeles just to perform at the club is just not right. Surely there is a good explanation for the closing of Jardine's as they have not done any sort of odd things like this in the past. They have been a steady rock in the rough waters that are the Kansas City jazz scene, as Kansas City jazz bands and jazz musicians hardly have anywhere to perform as it is.

Ironically enough, Kansas City is known for Jazz, but in reality there are less than a handful of venues that actually feature and promote live jazz. Jazz musicians are mostly loners, who are fairly arrogant and only want their own name to be known, this is why they don't really put together bands, rather they "sit in" with each other - or jazz performers with some notoriety put together a random group of jazz musicians to "back" their performances, often introducing each musician several times during a performance. Featured jazz musicians who will be affected by Jardine's closing will be Dave Stephens and his band, The Kansas City Lights, Danny Embrey and several other Kansas City bands. This is a serious blow to the jazz community as they are losing one of the most well known jazz venues in Jardine's, and they will be forced to look elsewhere for jazz gigs. A local booking agency is offering free sign up for jazz bands and jazz musicians at to help them find gigs in Kansas City and other areas in the Midwest.

Jardine's owner Beena Johnson hails from Pune, India and is an IT specialist (what else to they do down there, of course she is an IT specialist) and she was not available for comment on the closing of Jardine's jazz club in Kansas City.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Plaza Lighting Ceremony 2011 Kansas City

Whether you're ready for the holidays or not, they are upon us. Kansas City will be kicking off the festivities with the Plaza Lighting Ceremony 2011 on Thursday, November 24th at the Country Club Plaza.

Plaza Lighting 2015 Ceremony Info

The fun kicks off at 5:15pm with some pre-show entertainment from the same group of kids who performed last year. The lackluster "american idol / glee" style of performance was pretty lame and the only bright spot in the line up was the Dave Stephens Swing Orchestra who will unfortunately not be performing this year. The plaza lighting ceremony 2011 will be hosted by KSHB Chief Meteorologist Gary Lezak and his faithful dog Stormy. The actual switch to turn on the plaza lights will be thrown by Eric Stonestreet from the TV show "Modern Family" who is a Kansas City native who struck out to find fame in show business.

2011 marks the 82nd annual plaza lighting ceremony and the weather is supposed to cooperate, looking at a mild 45 degrees or so and dry. There will be over 300,000 people in attendance to watch the plaza lighting ceremony 2011 so you should try to get down to the plaza early enough to find a good place to park. We have provided a plaza lighting ceremony parking map below for your convenience:
There will be two fireworks displays this year. As usual, there will be a fireworks display on top of the Intercontinental Hotel and another fireworks display from behind the main stage in front of Halls. Have a good time welcoming in the holiday season at this year's plaza lighting ceremony 2011 and be safe driving!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Plaza Lighting Ceremony 2010 - Thursday Nov 25th

Plaza Lighting Ceremony 2010 - This Thursday November 25th
by Kansas City News

Is it really Thanksgiving week?  Time flies when you're having fun, or when you're working your ass to the bone, either way.  One bright spot in this lead-in to the winter holidays is the Lighting of the Plaza Lights.  Kansas City is widely known for it's famous Plaza Lighting Ceremony, and on Thursday night at 7pm the lights will come on for the 81st time.  The Lighting Ceremony is sponsored by KCPL of the new Power and Light District and will feature the talents of Kansas City legendary band leader Dave Stephens and The Dave Stephens Orchestra.  Finally the old dorks who book the entertainment for the Kansas City Plaza Lighting Ceremony got rid of those irritating white women who sing with shrill and irritating vibrato voices and passed the torch to a real entertainer in the form of Dave Stephens who's "rat pack" style better suits the idea of Kansas City Jazz and Jazz Bands and well, he also throws fire - which is pretty cool.

This year the switch will be thrown by the Kansas City Chiefs tandem running back corps Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.  Tune in to KCTV-5 at 6pm for live coverage of the Plaza Lighting Ceremony 2010 or brave the cold and go in person.  Bundle up though, it's supposed to be 34 degrees that night with a wind chill of 20.

The Plaza Lights in Kansas City burn daily from 5pm until 3am from the Lighting Ceremony on Thursday November 24th until January 13th, 2011 when they shut them off.  KCP&L will replace over 10,000 light bulbs to prepare for Thursday's Lighting Ceremony.


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