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Saturday, May 24, 2014

20s for KC New Charity Project in Kansas City Hands out $20 Bills

A new charity group in Kansas City is doing something that has never been done before in KC. 20s for KC, who are self defined as a "non profit Kansas City stimulus project", are placing $20 bills at random places all over the Kansas City area. This past Friday night the 20s for KC Facebook page reported that it was officially "gas pump night" and they placed several $20 bills on the front of gas pumps all over the city. The $20 bills are easily recognizable as they are in nice bill size white envelopes with a decorative red ribbon and a red stamp that bears the logo of 20s for KC in red. There is nothing in the envelope but a nice crisp $20 and the only form of information at all is the stamp that has the logo and also the website -

We interviewed one of the founders of the project recently and this is what they had to say…

KCMB News: So what do you guys have to gain by doling out $20 bills all over the city?

20s for KC rep: We aren't trying to gain anything financially, or even in terms of advertising. We are affiliated with a local Kansas City radio show called The Sunday Jones Comedy Radio Show and when someone finds one of our $20 bills, IF they go to the website stamped on the envelope, then they are asked to simply tell us where they found the $20 and what they intend to do with it or how they spent it. No strings attached. We then read what people wrote over the air on the show, and we place a virtual "pin" on a map on the website showing where $20s were found.

KCMB News: Do you think that some people will be afraid to open the envelope because of suspicion? Or what if they just throw them in the trash?

20s for KC rep: We did take that into account, and that's just a fact of life in today's society. Paranoia is at an all time high, and we know that some people will probably leave the envelopes right where they are, untouched. We have even taken into account that someone may actually turn one in to the police, haha. That being said, a simple glance at the website at will tell you everything about what we're doing and that there is nothing to be afraid of. And if someone throws one in the trash, I suppose that is a shame but it probably won't be the first time a $20 has ended up in the trash.

KCMB News: Have any of the businesses complained about you guys placing them on their property?

20s for KC rep: Not thus far. We have put a lot of thought into that, avoiding government property etc. and hopefully they will realize that it is probably GOOD for business. I mean if people think that there might be a free $20 bill hanging around their property somewhere then that can only be good for business. Heck, they might even find one themselves, or have one turned in to them by a customer who is confused as to what it might be.

KCMB News: Well this certainly is a first for Kansas City, no one has done anything like this here. We know that comedian Jim Carrey is notorious for hiding $100 bills around, and there is another group that does this around Christmas time in New York. How much feedback are you getting? Are people going to the website and telling their stories?

20s for KC rep: At this time we're getting about 25% feedback on the $20 bills that we have put out so far. That's about what we suspected, we were thinking that if we got 20% that we were doing well.

KCMB News: Thank you for your time and good luck with the new project. We will check back in with you guys in a few months and see how it's going. How long do you plan to continue with the 20s for KC project?

20s for KC rep: No problem. We hope to continue through the duration of the radio show's season which ends the Sunday before the first NFL game.

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