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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Comedy Radio Station Hits Kansas City 102.5 FM

Can my wife cook?  In our house
we pray AFTER we eat...
Funny 102.5 Comedy Radio Station Tests the Waters in Kansas City
by Kansas City News


New Comedy Radio Show Comes To Kansas City.  Check out Kansas City's new comedy radio show, The Sunday Jones!

Even though I have XM radio, I don't really listen to it that often.  But I have found myself on long road trips enjoying the Comedy Channel on occasion.  For all of last week, if you tuned into 102.5 FM (not sure why you would do that) you would have heard a constant laugh track.  This was Funny 102.5 FM's transition program, getting Kansas City ready for their new comedy radio station.  On a side note, new radio stations in Kansas City have had some funny transition programs in the past.  I remember one station played nothing but U2 for like 2 weeks in a row.  Another station played sounds of a construction site for a week straight.  The laugh track that Funny 102.5 FM ran didn't work that well as the laughing sounded a little too close to radio static - the sound that you would normally hear at the 102.5 FM location.  So most people probably passed right by it, ignoring it completely.

Regardless, Funny 102.5 FM became Kansas City's new (and only) comedy radio station this past week airing random comedy bits from various comics, much as the XM stations "Laugh USA" and XM Comedy Showcase.  The new comedy station is actually a very nice change for Kansas City radio.  Tune in when you're in need of cheering up - maybe on your way to work, or on your way to an IRS Audit, and have a good laugh.  You idiot.


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