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Friday, August 27, 2010

Three Trails Crossing Bridge Reopens This Morning

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The Three Trails Crossing Ramp repair has been completed. On July 17th, the approach to a bridge connecting I-470 west to I-435 West collapsed. The Collapse was caused by excessive rain that deteriorated the soil beneath the roadway. This left a huge gap of collapsed road leading to the bridge. Thankfully there were no accidents or injuries caused.

For the last several weeks, drivers from the southern suburbs in Missouri have been subjected to a complicated series of detours that have added many minutes to morning commutes. Engineers and geologists have been studying the collapse and have no definitive answers about a cause.

A 225 foot long bridge extensin was constructed to connect the undamaged roadway to the existing collector bridge to I-435. The project was completed 19 days early and cost 5.2 Million dollars. That figure includes a bonus for finishing early. Maybe the Kansas City Water Department should study this project to improve their efficiency! The phrase "completed early" worries me a little since I have to travel over the repair daily.


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