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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hollywood Casino Kansas City Opens Friday Smoking Allowed

$386 Million dollars later, the Hollywood Casino in Kansas City, Kansas near the Kansas Speedway will open it's doors on Friday, February 3rd, as planned. Construction for the new casino was finished ahead of schedule due to the mild weather that we have experienced in the Kansas City area this "winter". Many inquiries are flying in to us at Kansas City News about smoking at Hollywood Casino, and the answer is HELL YES you can smoke at the casino. The law is strict but they are not stupid, they know that smoking cigarettes and gambling go hand in hand and that they also know that the Hollywood Casino is poised to raise $203 million dollars during it's first year of operation. 22% of the revenues from the casino will go to the state of Kansas, while 5% will go to the city of Kansas City, Kansas, where it will be dumped into welfare like worthless programs and gambling help centers and programs. Obama's welfare based game plan will prevail here, and the 5% that will go to Kansas City, Kansas will help out the welfare mama's sitting around the house with 4 or 5 illegitimate children drawing welfare checks. Gotta love the dumb ass democrats.

Gambling is a fast growing fixture here in the Kansas City area. I can remember when Sam's Town first opened back in 1995. It was a BIG DEAL for Kansas City, and if any of you remember, back in those days, the casinos actually had to be riverboats. The casinos were giant boats that would board passengers every 2 hours and then cruise up and down the Missouri River. Crazy huh? You would have to wait in line on the docks to board the riverboats when they returned to pick up new passengers. Sam's Town is now owned and operated by Cerner and is used as a special events facility. After this was deemed ridiculous, and probably dangerous, the law changed to state that the new casinos being built (Ameristar, Harrah's, and Isle of Capri - or as we call it "Pile of Debri") would only have to be sitting on some sort of water. This was even more ridiculous as they simply built the buildings over about 1 foot of water under the gambling floor. Now, Kansas City has completely abandoned any rules when it comes to casinos including smoking in a public place, they just ignore that rule and let everyone smoke away.

The new Hollywood Casino in Kansas City has been described by those who got a sneak peek today at a mini grand opening by invitation only with proceeds benefitting the Sunflower House as being much bigger and better than any of the other casinos in the area. Most said that it more closely resembled the large and grand Las Vegas casinos rather than the ghetto Kansas City casinos loaded with penny machines and low life drifters. If you plan to visit the new Hollywood Casino, remember the golden rule of gambling, "only bring what you plan to lose".

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