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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Neighborhoods of Kansas City - Independence

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Neighborhoods of Kansas City - Independence, Missouri

In our ongoing breakdown of Kansas City neighborhoods, in the interest of those who may be considering moving to Kansas City, we will focus this article on the city of Independence.  If you wish to catch up on the articles that preceded this article please visit:  Kansas City neighborhoods, ghettos, downtown, plaza, brookside, waldo and more and our more recent article on the outer city of  Lee's Summit.

Independence, Missouri, was the birthplace of former President Harry S. Truman and is an important hub for The Church of the Latter Day Saints, or the "Mormons" as they are more commonly referred to.  Independence was a common starting point for those who traveled along the Oregon Trail, California Trail, and The Santa Fe Trail and is therefore known as the "Queen City of the Trails".  The population of Independence is approximately 130,000 as of 2010, and it's racial makeup is 91.87% White, 2.59% African American, 0.70% Asian, 0.64%, and Hispanic or Latino of any race were 3.69% of the population.  The median household income is around $38,000 per year.

And that's about where the positive facts end.  Independence gained recent fame by becoming the 3rd largest manufacturer of Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth) in the entire United States.  It is currently the birthplace of a new form of Crystal Meth called Blue Meth, or "Smurf Dope".  Needless to say, Independence has some seriously bad neighborhoods.  Mostly white trash, petty-crime-committing drug addicts who frequent the multitude of porno shops and payday loan stores that litter the streets everywhere you look.

On a good note, Independence has areas where a few older "farm-type" folk reside and their respective neighborhoods are fairly docile - just don't go up the street to get gas at Quik Trip or you will immediately be immersed in the local criminal trash.  Basically, Independence is a place to be avoided at all costs - unless you need to break into a house, go next door to the pawn shop and get cash for the items you just burglarized, then go next door to the porn shop to meet a drug dealer who will sell you some shiny new Blue Meth.

Stay tuned for more Kansas City neighborhoods - broken down honestly by people who have lived here for over 35 years.  Don't listen to that real estate agent who is trying to unload a house on you that has been on the market for so long the real estate firm is offering a bonus to the first agent to move someone in.



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