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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Independence Police Shoot at Alligator Statue

Rick Sheridan of Independence, Missouri was working in his garage when he heard gun fire.  He walked out to his yard to find three Independence police officers firing away at a concrete decorative alligator that was in his yard.  The police officers fired off several rounds into the head and body of the concrete alligator in order to kill or subdue the predator.  When police noticed that their bullets were bouncing off of the alligator, they promptly left the scene without saying a word to anyone, including the owner of the decorative alligator, Rick Sheridan.

Rick calmly recalls the story of how "three of Indepence's finest lined up on a bank in my back yard and KILLED my concrete ornamental alligator".

The concrete alligator suffered major wounds to the head but is expected to make a full recovery. - KCMB, Kansas City News


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