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Monday, September 19, 2011

Jamaal Charles Out For Season Chiefs Fans Panic

The Kansas City Chiefs officially announced that running back Jamaal Charles is out for the season with a torn ACL, the same injury that cost the Chiefs Tony Moeaki and Eric Barry. Jamaal Charles was the most important player on the Kansas City Chiefs and his season ending injury is going to have a massive impact on the rest of the Chiefs 2011 season.

On a seemingly common run, Jamaal Charles was on his way out of bounds, with no defenders in site, planted his left foot awkwardly on the sideline, and tore his ACL resulting in a season ending injury. ACL injuries are tricky because as an athlete, if you have no prior history of knee injuries, you don't concern yourself with body movements that may cause an ACL injury. As far as Jamaal Charles knew, he could manipulate his body an any direction, make sudden stops, or plant his foot firmly with his upper body in an awkward position (as was the case in this injury). As an athlete with no prior knee injuries, you just don't think about being careful. As a body ages, the knees are the first to go when you are an athlete that's major function is to run, stop, juke and plant. If you don't know your body's limitations, you are most likely going to blow out a knee. ACL injuries often occur as a result of a firm planting of the foot, with little or no "give" from the playing surface. This is why AstroTurf has been removed from almost all sports environments, because AstroTurf "grabs" the feet of the athletes, promoting ACL injuries.

The Chiefs have been cursed this season with THREE major ACL injuries, and Jamaal Charles was probably the final blow to a team that was doomed from the start with or without Jamaal Charles, Eric Barry and Tony Moeaki.

Jamaal Charles was put on injured reserve today, leaving the Chiefs with only 52 players on their active roster. We can expect the Chiefs to sign someone off of the waiver wire sometime this week, most likely a running back.


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