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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Japanese Do Not Respect Americans

Before we go chucking millions of relief dollars out of America...
by Kansas City News

It seems that even though America is completely broke and in a crippling depression, we have found yet another way to throw our money out the window.  Before the tsunami hit Japan, most Americans were trying to find a way to keep American dollars in America.  We were questioning the validity of budget spending for things that we should put off for the future such as space exploration and other worthless spending endeavors.  Most of us were tired of feeding and educating the children in Africa - ANNOUNCEMENT TO THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES LIKE AFRICA:  If your country is poor and there is no food or money, DON'T FUCKING HAVE CHILDREN!  Instead of sending money over there to feed their 5 or 6 children per family, we should send over some of our experienced college students to show the males how to "pull out" during sex.  That would put an end to that problem.  But I digress, the situation in Japan, and the fact that Americans are once again chucking money out of our country bothers me for a few very good reasons:

The Japanese do not like, or respect Americans - period.  Now this is no surprise as very few countries (or maybe no countries) respect America, but let's take a look at a cold hard fact about the Japanese and what they think about Americans - ponder this one before you send money over to Japan:

It is considered SHAMEFUL for a Japanese woman to marry an American.  Most Japanese families will disown a daughter who marries an American.  Now what does this tell us about what the Japanese think of us?

I Don't want to harp on this subject for long, and if it makes you feel better about yourself by sending money to Japan, then do so if you must.  This feeling of self worth is probably similar to attending church on Sunday, you figure since you attend church every once in awhile that you are somehow a better person, which is only the case if you are a good person outside of the church, which is not the case for most people.  Sending money out into a void where you're not even sure what it is being used for is just senseless, and you're most likely doing it just to make yourself feel better.

Remember that the Japanese do not respect us in the slightest degree, just as most countries don't.  I'm not trying to "hate" on the Japanese, I'm simply saying that we have an economic crisis right here at home and we can't afford to send money to these other countries who don't even really like us in the first place.  C'Mon people!  We need to get tough over here.


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