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Friday, June 1, 2012

Jazzoo 2012 Charity Event Kansas City News

Tonight thousands of supporters will invade the Kansas City Zoo wearing custom tuxedos, sampling exquisite cuisine from over 65 local Kansas City restaurants, enjoying designer cocktails and donating to a wonderful cause, the animals at The Kansas City Zoo.  Kansas City's largest charity event, Jazzoo 2012, actually ranks among the top ten charity events in the entire United States.  Last year, in 2011, this Kansas City charity event raised over $800,000.  Tickets are $175.00 each, and can be purchased online at the Kansas City Zoo's website.

Jazzoo 2012 Kansas City fundraiser will feature live music by Ida McBeth, Dr. Zhivegas, Dolewite and several other Kansas City bands provided by Adam Blue Productions.  Jazzoo 2012 will begin at 6:30pm with a patrons only "happy hour" and then the main gates will open at 7:30pm.  Jazzoo 2012 will be open until 12am. There will be 10 specialty bars set up throughout the Kansas City Zoo at different locations.

The dress code for Jazzoo 2012 is what makes this Kansas City charity event so special.  The dress code is known as "creative black tie". No jeans are allowed, but you can get pretty creative with your tuxedo or evening gown. See the picture above for an example, Jazzoo is a very unique experience as the guests will be donning very entertaining costumes.

All of the benefits of Jazzoo 2012 go towards the animals of the Kansas City Zoo, and this year, in particular, the "extreme makeover" of the Tiger display area. Several different ticket package options are also available including single tickets at $175.00 each and several corporate packages are also available if you would like to bring your entire company out to Jazzoo 2012.  In the past few years the weather has ranged from extremely hot to rainy, but this year it looks like the weather will be ideal as we are experiencing a cool weather patch in Kansas City. So come out tonight and spend the evening wandering around the Kansas City Zoo, eating great food, drinking a cool beverage or two, listening to some great live music and supporting the animals at Jazzoo 2012.

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