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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Domestic Terrorist Christopher Dorner Believed To Be Dead

Former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner, who had gone on a killing rampage over the past couple of weeks before being surrounded by police in a cabin, is believed to be dead. The cabin in California Dorner was surrounded in erupted into a violent fire, and charred human remains have been found. Forensic tests are underway to confirm these remains are Dorner.

The LAPD has said it his highly likely Dorner is deceased, as authorities heard a single gunshot before the cabin was engulfed in flames. SWAT teams on the scene had fired tear gas inside the cabin and had begun tearing down the building’s walls. It is unclear if the SWAT team or Dorner started the fire.

Dorner was charged with killing Riverside police officer Michael Crain and is the main suspect in the killings of Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence. Quan is the daughter of a former L.A. cop that Dorner blamed for his firing after he reported abuse by another officer. The ensuing manhunt for Dorner became a huge national story, as he was labeled a domestic terrorist and a $1 million reward was placed on his head.

According to Police, Dorner had been hiding in cabins in the California wilderness until he was discovered by two cleaning women. Dorner tied the women up with plastic zip ties, stole their car, crashed it, and then stole a truck. The driver of the truck said Dorner used a gun in the robbery, but allowed him to take his dog out of the truck and didn’t cause him any harm.

Officers quickly closed in on Dorner, and gunshots erupted between the two parties. Dorner killed one sheriff’s deputy and wounded another before fleeing through the woods and breaking into a cabin. After a SWAT team surrounded the cabin, a single gunshot was heard – which could potentially have been a suicide shot by Dorner – before the cabin erupted into a violent fire.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

You had me at Kansas City Star...Sir Otilc backs Todd Tiahrt

Campaign season is normally a turd-fest of politicians flinging "candy bars" at each other on a daily basis. It gets old faster than a giant hemorrhoid on a 12 hour turbulent plane ride sitting in coach. One political race that caught my attention this year was Jerry Moran versus Todd Tiahrt. They are both running for a senate seat in the state of Kansas.

I watched all of the commercials and paid attention closely to the differences between the two and was having a tough time figuring out which one had a spine and which one was going to cave to political winds. With one of the most crooked administrations in the history of our country in charge of the White House, and the other two branches blindly supporting the destruction of our nation, I am now forced to pay attention to politics.

So what was the deciding factor for my vote? The Kansas City Star. I was listening to the radio the other morning when I heard the Kansas City Star was backing Jerry Moran. That was all it took. Maybe I am a little off because I stopped reading the "Falling Star", as a local radio talk show host likes to call it, once I realized they stopped being journalists. If The Kansas City Star supports Jerry Moran, then I support Todd Tiahrt.

But things went from bad to worse for Jerry Moran when the big news story was how his campaign manager, Paul Moore, left his camp after 2 months because Jerry isn't really a conservative. Moore gives the impression Moran is one of those politicians who says whatever needs to be said to gain public support. As I dug into it a little more I found out that Paul Moore wasn't the first campaign manager to leave Jerry Moran and endorse Todd Tiahrt, Chuck Knapp left the Moran camp and is now Tiahrt's current campaign manager.

I can only think of one thing worse for Jerry Moran than his campaign managers (plural) leaving his camp and moving to his competitiion...having the kiss of death endorsement of The Kansas City Star.

Let me be the first to congratulate Todd Tiahrt in his victory over Jerry Moran.

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